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6 Top Notch Trends That Your Wedding Planner Must Know

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A wedding is a moment of a lifetime wherein two individuals are joined in the bond of togetherness. Gone are the days when the weddings used to simple and sweet with changing times modern weddings have become more of a style statement. The changing times have revolutionized the wedding market and every year an array of new trends are emerging which gives rise to those #weddinggoals.
Irrespective of upcoming trends a thing that remains common for all Indian wedding is that its an extensive and expensive affair full of rituals and ceremonies which makes their management difficult for a single person.
No matter whether you are choosing an planning for an intimate wedding or a lavish and grand one you simply cannot manage the preparations on your own. To turn your wedding into a memorable one you need to seek the help of an expert. Wondering who we are talking about? Well couples we are talking about a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is an expert who is well versed with the trendiest of the wedding trends. It’s your wedding and you cannot simply afford to bug yourself with vendor issues and crisis, you need to get a life to enjoy wedding spree. Hiring a wedding planner would relieve you from the burden of looking after wedding planning.

Are you a Bengali or have you fallen in love with their culture? Be it the oti shundor look of bong brides or the enchanting charm of their simple and sophisticated weddings or simply the wide array of their lip smacking cuisines the charisma of Bengali wedding never seems to fade away. Sprawling with skyscrapers and buzzing with traffic Kolkata the city of joy is the perfect place to witness the vibrancy of Bengali culture. So lovebirds if you’re planning to host your wedding in the city then you need to hire the best wedding planner in Kolkata.

If your one of those couples who loves to keep up with the latest trends of the market or are in search of that awe-factor that would add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding then your quest ends here. We have brought for you a list of the best wedding trends that is taking the wedding market by storm that your planner must be well versed with.

Bride’s Baraat

Huhh! Sounds amusing right! Whoever said that a baraat is meant only for the groom is wrong! With gender equality being promoted around the why not change our customs as well. Gone are the days when the groom used to arrive the venue with his baraat and the shy bride walking down the aisle. The modern age brides just like the grooms love to make their entry in style. As the trend may have it the brides like to have a grand and pompous entry at the venue with her baraat. Why not? After all why should the ladkewalas have all the fun?

Minimalist Décor

Indian weddings are known for being loud full of pomp and splendor. Are you tired of the traditional shimmery and ohh so loud décor? Then couples this trend is meant for you. The modern weddings have done away with all the shoow-shaa and have embraced minimalism as less is more. From choosing minimalist wedding venue décor, invites to minimalist wedding dresses the timeless beauty and elegance of this trend makes it the most preferred choice.

Statement Cakes

Drawing inspiration from the western world cake cutting ceremony has gained importance at the modern Indian weddings. A wedding is deemed incomplete without this ceremony.  Although a wide variety of wedding cake designs are available in the market but statement cakes is what gaining popularity.  Statement cakes adorned in warm fondant colors like pale blue, soft gray, gold and bronze complemented with eye-catching confections have a mesmerizing charm and justifies the reason behind it being widely acclaimed.

4. Lehenga trails

A train of the wedding veil is no longer resorted to the white wedding gown of Christian weddings. Remember Priyanka Chopra’s yards of white wedding gown train that made the brides to drool over the design. Seeking inspiration from her the fashion industry has brought out lehenga trails. No longer are the wedding dress train resorted to white gowns. Isha Ambani Piramal set an example for the brides by donning an exquisite lehenga with a beautiful trail. The fresh and creative design of lehenga trail adds oodles of charm to your d-day look.

5. Intimate Pre wedding Dinner

Indian wedding irrespective of the fun factor are a chaotic and stressful time which leaves less time for the bride and groom to spend some quality time before the wedding. Wedding day is one of the most anticipated moments that couples waits for eagerly although the mere though of finally settling down gives them jitters. To get rid of the queasy feel and to enable the couple to get over their anxiety the wedding industry has come with the concept of having prewedding intimate dinner. The trend gives the couple the opportunity spend time with each other and to share their feelings with their close kith and kins. The concept is similar to a rehearsal dinner where the bridesmaid and grooms men raise a toast to the couple and wish for their everlasting happiness.

6. Social Media Hashtags

With the advancement of technology the people like to stay up to date on their social media platforms. Right from uploading the engagement pictures to the main day ceremonies updating the social media handles with the major life happenings has become a trend of the society.  What increases the reach of the pictures is the wedding hashtags. The modern couples have taken a step further and created pages that are solely dedicated to their weddings and also curate their own wedding hashtags. From pre-wedding shoot snaps to post wedding rituals the page and the hashtags reveal it all. So flaunt your socializing and creative skills with the hashtags. #WeddingGoals #HappyHitching

Are you aware about any more wedding trends that a planner needs to know about? Tell us in the comments below about it.

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