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5 Design Tips to buy the best double beds for a luxurious look

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Dressing your walls with bold and luxurious colours and decorating art pieces,  having a standout headboard , a fabulous chandelier and shiny lamps , framing large fancy mirrors and having excellent lighting isn’t enough to give your room a glam look yet. At the end of the day , if you don’t have an inviting bed with a crisp sheet and swish pillows to throw yourself onto, then you haven’t invested well enough to sure-fire your way to getting a luxurious looking bedroom. 

When thinking about designing or redoing our rooms, the first thing that tenses us up is selecting a shade to apply on the walls and curtains that will go in contrast to it. Then there are thoughts about selecting furniture, lights and so on.  But have you ever wondered why rooms in 5-star hotels look luxurious and comfortable in a simple shade of white with perfect contrasting  curtains , framed mirrors with basic lighting ampere and a basic seating arrangement, even though they have nothing much to show off? It’s the bed. It’s the cushiony double bed with fluffed up pillows that makes the room look more upscale.
What actually marks a bedroom to look like a million dollars is the double bed. We have umpteen brands and models available in the market, but here you can buy stylish  beds online to match your décor and comforting needs. Here are tips to select the best double beds online for a luxurious look-

1. Look for comfort- Mattress is the only thing in your room that comes in direct contact with your body and gives the true ROI if invested thoughtfully. A person spends at least 8 hours i.e. one- third of the day resting on the mattress, introspecting and making plans for the next day. Therefore, you should consider a mattress with a firm base but with soft surface giving you a natural comfort. Mattress should be stable and not bouncy that will support your spine and give you a healthy sleep. A comfortable bed will always give a luxurious look.

2. Choose the type – People look for types according to their needs. Some may go for a larger size and some may go for a smaller one. Some may want to feel protected while some may want to have a rocking sensation while sleeping. You will feel comfortable if you truly are and that is determined by knowing what type of bed you truly want for yourself. Be it a pencil poster, a canopy, wave-bed, sonic bed, platform bed, floating bed or an Enignum bed.

3. Hydraulic beds for Storage- Lesser things in your room greater the effect of luxury! There is no specific conclusion as to how and why we end up having two cupboards in our rooms and yet we struggle for some more space. The space underneath your bed seems to be a favourable option in this scenario. So make sure your bed has one to avoid the third cupboard.

4. Design aesthetic – Remember, bed define the décor of your room so choose a design and type that will complement other furniture as well. The material of the bed has to be wisely chosen, be it metal, upholstered or wooden. Think about the height of the bed whether you want platform beds or beds with legs, whether you want a headboard or a shelf over your head. These things do matter when trying a luxurious look. Choose your bed with respect to your décor - contemporary, elegant, dark features or Classic.

5. Get Plush Pillows-   Pillows gives you cosy and relaxing vibes and a decadent look which can be achieved by placing large euro-sized pillows of 26 x 26 inches, standard sized pillows and minimum of two small throw pillows in high- end fabrics like silk, faux fur and velvet, in layers on your bed.  Make sure you don’t overstuff your bed with just pillows. The rule is that all pillows should not take up more than a quarter of the length of your bed.

Spending a fortune on furniture, wall art and designs doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sophisticated look. It is determined by selecting a perfect double bed online with respect to other decorative items in order to have a luxurious look.

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