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5 Awesome Ideas That Will Encourage a Fun Wedding Reception

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Though it is true that your wedding ceremony is both crucial and special (when you actually get married!) for you, the wedding reception is most likely the celebration that your guests always look forward to. Ultimately, who wouldn’t wish to drink, eat, and dance? In order to plan the best celebrations, you have to assimilate fun, personal and unique touches to leave your guests not just smiling throughout the evening but also talking about your event long after they enjoyed their last dance.

If you’re looking forward to planning the best receptions in Salt Lake City, you’ve clicked on the right post. We’re going to share with you a few of the best planning tricks for creating a wow-worthy environment on your reception night.

Tip #1: Seats should be arranged thoughtfully

Thought this is a no-brainer but you shouldn’t underestimate the vitality of a solid arrangement for seating your guests. Try to place guests with people they can get along with and whom they know. While you may find it a great idea to play the role of a matchmaker where you seat your guests with unknown people so that they can make new friends but ultimately it is your day and your guests have all come to catch up with their long-lost friends. If you can plan a proper seating arrangement, this can not only lead to great conversations but also to a great dance party. So, let your colleagues sit together and plan a separate corner for your tween cousins.

Tip #2: Wedding favors shouldn’t be missed

If a fabulous reception is all that is on your mind, you shouldn’t miss wedding favors as they’re the ultimate cherry on top of the cake! Offer your guests a take-home treat like marshmallows, doughnuts, hot cocoa mix, jars of local honey or your favorite cocoa beans and let them know how well you appreciate their presence.

Trick #3: Have a separate plan for your kids

Wouldn’t you want to entertain the little ones too? If only you could engage them, their parents could get an opportunity to shake their legs on the dance floor. Hence, plan something separate for the kids and give them a designated niche. Arrange for the services of a babysitter who can play games, oversee movies, engage the kids in craftwork or even involve them in a kid-centric party. Set up tables with crayons, coloring books, toys and games.

Tip #4: Surprise your guests with a couple dance

When you do your first dance together, all eyes should be on you. This is the best chance to wow the invitees with a surprise dance. To start off, choose a romantic song and then switch to a rather energetic Latin dance or groove to the beats of Bruno Mars!

Trick #5: Dinner should be out-of-the-box

A three-course menu for dinner has become all too common. You can plan either a 4 course or a 5 course dinner (with smaller courses). However, stretching them too much will discourage guests from hitting the dance floor. In between dance sessions, plan short surprise dishes so that the dance-lovers don’t feel deprived.
So, if you were still not sure about planning a unique wedding reception, consider the tricks mentioned above and utilize them to create a memorable evening.


  1. I like food a lot. So i believe that as guests the most important part of the wedding is the food. So its good to see wedding ideas that is all about that.

  2. Great ideas! A couple's dance always wells up ecstasy in the guests.


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