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How to End a First Date (Do's and Do Not's)

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First dates are fun, but they can be stressful. At the end of the date, you might not know how to end it. Check out these do’s and don’ts to determine the best way to end your first dates.

Do Walk Them To The Door
No matter how the date went, you need to walk them to the door. If you’re the one driving, it is rude to just drop them off at their house. Don’t worry about them thinking that you want to go inside. Even if the date went bad, they will appreciate the gesture of you walking them to their door. Make sure that you thank them for going out with you. If you desire, maybe ask them for a second date (see below). Maybe you don’t want a second date. That’s fine. Stay classy and considerate until the very end of the date.

Don’t Leave Before They Get Inside
You shouldn't leave before you make sure that your date safely gets inside. You can walk back to your car, but make sure that you actually see them go inside the door. Even if you never want to see them again, you really should make sure that they are safe.

Also, be aware of what you’re doing after they go inside. Most people nowadays have video doorbell cameras that can record what’s happening on their doorstep. At the very least they’ll probably have a peephole in their door. If you’re going crazy on the doorstep, doing some embarrassing dance because you’re so happy about how the date went, or maybe you’re fuming about how rude/inconsiderate your date was, they could very well be watching you. Wait until you get in your car to celebrate/freak out.

Do Give Them A Hug
If your date went well, then you will probably have no problem giving them a hug. However, if it went bad, then this may be more difficult to do. A hug really is a polite gesture. If it’s awkward for you, consider giving them a side hug. This allows you to hug them, but you will not be doing it full on.

Don’t End It With An Awkward Gesture Such As A Handshake
First dates can be rather awkward. Because of this, you may be tempted to try to end it with something like a handshake. You really shouldn’t do this, as a handshake is an awkward gesture. You are better off not doing anything at all. It’s almost never a good idea to end a first date with a handshake.

Do Take Their Lead As To Whether You Kiss Or Not
Many first dates do end with a kiss. When deciding whether or not to kiss them, take their lead. Watch out for things like them looking at your lips, touching you a lot or leaning towards you. These are almost always signs that they want you to kiss them.

Don’t Just Assume That You Should End The Date With A Kiss
Even if the date went well, you could end up wrecking things by assuming that you should kiss them. If you just aren’t sure if your date is giving you the green light to kiss them, then skip it. Not all first dates end with a kiss. It’s okay if yours doesn’t. Wait until the second date and you’ll have a much better feel on how to read them so that you can decide to make the move or not.

Do Mention Going Out Again If Things Went Well
If things went well on your first date, then it may be a good idea to mention going out again. Just do it in a casual way, and then wait to see how they respond. If they kind of gloss over it, you know that they probably don’t want too. They also may need time to think about it. A lot goes on during a first date, and the person you went out with may need time to process their emotions.

Don’t Be Pushy About A Second Date
One of the worst things you can do is be pushy about a second date. No matter how well it went, being too aggressive can scare your date off. If your date expresses that they do want to go out again, don’t make solid plans. Call them the next day to talk about it.

First dates are fun, but it can be difficult knowing how to end them. By utilizing the tips mentioned above, you can make sure that the date ends smoothly. Try not to overthink things, and let your date end in a way that you won't regret.

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