Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Bored In The Bedroom? 8 Ways To Spice Things Up

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Think of your favorite meal. It makes your mouth water, right? Now, think of eating that delicacy three times a day for the rest of your life. Sounds like it could become your less-than-favorite meal in a hurry, right? Sex with your partner is very much like that. Retaining the level of intimacy, you had in your courting days is important in maintaining a strong relationship. Here are 7 ways to spice things up in the bedroom (and beyond):

1. Change scenery

All spaces can become boring and colorless if you limit yourself to them for too long. Try every other room in the house. The kitchen can be combined with the use of your favorite foodstuff. The bathroom, the living room, the attic, even the garage; all are fair game!

2. Start sexting

Most of what is sexy happens in the brain, so call your partner or text them something naughty. With the wide array of messenger apps available, you can even trade images. Build some sexual tension before you even get within touching range. The fact that you are getting worked up from afar will only make your together time steamier.

3. Try a new position

Remove the monotony of doing the same thing over and over. Something as easy as trying a new position can have a drastic and stimulating effect. Just be safe if you have a health condition that limits mobility. If everything checks out, go for some creativity points and see how much heat you can build.

4. Try out your acting skills

Role-playing can be a game-changer for sex. The important thing is to make sure that both partners are into it. Take some time to talk with your significant other about some scenarios that will be stimulating for both. Try and let your creative juices flow and think up some imaginative scenes.

5. Bring toys into the equation

Some of the hottest sex you can ever have comes with the contribution of sex toys. This has been a taboo subject in the past, but that no longer holds true. More and more couples are coming to realize that the use of toys in the bedroom is a source of virtually unlimited pleasure for both. For women, dildos and other toys can be explosive additions to the game, while a prostate massager can send your man through the roof. There is nothing that's out of bounds so long as both partners are in it for providing each other pleasure in a safe and exciting way.

6. Make a sex playlist

Create a sex playlist with the most sensual tunes from your catalog and make it the soundtrack of your intimate moments. Don't forget to throw some new tunes in the mix every so often to avoid getting in a rut.

With a little effort, you can liven up your sex life. Spend some time communicating with your partner. It'll pay off in the long run and build lasting intimacy.

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