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6 Top Bordeaux Wines and Vineyards

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Bordeaux, being the world's most renowned wine region, is also France's second most visited city. With that said, the city is an essential destination to wine lovers and tourists alike. The number of visitors is undoubtedly high, but so is their production of wine. There are almost 7,375 Sokolin’s top wine makers in Bordeaux that produce top-notch wine. All of them together provide 900 million vintages. With the city's affiliation of being the best wine producers, it is no wonder if they also have the most magnificent chateaus that offer the best-tasting wine.

Left Bank
Starting with the Left Bank, in which you can find the First Growth Bordeaux. You could see the 1855 Classified Bordeaux which includes Fifth Growths, Fourth Growths, Third Growths, and the Second Growths. There are more than 200 chateaus in the Left Bank that is known as Cru Bourgeois. Thanks to the Romans who first cultivated the land 2000 years ago, the Left Bank had been making wine as early as the 18th century. During that time, the property was first developed to produce Bordeaux wine.

The Left Bank has access to plenty of water from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde, as well as a natural drainage. It has natural slopes with a wide array of soils that includes pebbles, dirt, sand, and limestone. This makes it perfect for producing the Bordeaux wines that are based on Cabernet Sauvignon. Most of the wine lovers set their standards on wine in the Left Bank because of how the wine ages and how it takes from tobacco, forest floor, cedar chest, cigar box, and earth.

Now going to the south to Pessac Leognan, an appellation that features a lot of the best chateau Bordeaux can offer. It was known as Graves before 1987, which is its original name. Graves comes from the word gravel, because the land is abundant in deep gravel soils, making it suitable to produce one of the most distinguished and praised wines in the world. Pessac Leognan has a reputation not only in providing the best tasting red wine but also presenting their elegant dry white wine that is based primarily on Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion.

Right Bank
Going to the Right Bank that also features the best appellations such as St. Emilion and Pomerol, this is the home of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. This land is perfectly suitable because of its abundance of limestone and clay in the region. Though the chateaus that were mentioned are not as equal in fame and grandeur as the topmost chateaus in the Left Bank, they are just as same in giving us the most refined and elegant wines.

Chateau Angelus
Chateau Angelus is called such as the wine growers in the chateaus can hear the three churches' choirs in the all over the place. Chateau Angelus is also a "Premier Grand Cru Class A" as it produces the top-notch quality wine that is rich in taste, and scented with a sweet aroma.

Chateau Cheval Blanc
Just north of St. Emilion, Chateau Cheval Blanc is a "Premier Cru Class A." The appellation has a 45 hectares vineyard which they maintain very thoroughly.  Since 1871, their plot is almost unchanged and is still one of the best wine producers.

Chateau Figeac
A "Premier Grand Cru Class B" that is the biggest Bordeaux vineyard and has a very ancient name that dates way back into Gallo-Roman times which is truly mindblowing. The robust flavor that their wine gives is genuinely magnificent because of the deep gravel soil. The sincerely amazing landscapes that they offer are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which adds up to the charm of the vineyard.

Chateau Haut-Brion
When Jean de Pontac bought the title of the property, he aimed to enlarge the property to produce more elegant wines. In 1549, he began to construct the mansion on a sandy area in the foot of a hillock, which decided to devote the vineyards. In 1935, American financier Clarence Dillion, a passionate lover of the culture of France, bought the Chateau Haut-Brion. Clarence Dillion's great-grandson, Prince Robert of Luxembourg, had become President of Domaine Clarence Dillion, in which he succeeded her mother.

Bordeaux is such a magnificent city that wine lovers and tourist alike loves. With its amazing landscapes and vineyards, one could appreciate its beauty and charm even if one is not a fan of wines. With their high production of high-quality wines, a lot of chateaus has been more eager to produce the best tasting wine that they could ever create. With their wide array of land with different compositions, the wines that they produce can have different tastes and aromas. Indeed, Bordeaux can be both very pleasing to the eyes, and the palate.

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