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4 Nose Ring Types and What Will Suit You Best

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Finding a nose ornament that suits you is often a tough nut to crack. The main reason behind the same being that fact that people make rash decisions with these. It is always best suggested to ensure that you do take your time out to take a look into some of the types of stylish nose pin and see the one that suits your face and personality the best. It is completely futile to ask and realize that you opt for a random option when you could have easily waited for the next best option in the lot.

In here, we are going to be sharing some of the popular types of nose rings that you can take a look into.


Fishtails are the straight nose rings which are specifically designed by the professional piercer to get a custom fit. These are amazing for the people who are having a hard time finding a good nose ring that perfectly fits their nose properly. These nose rings are often 19 mm in length and have no shaping or any kind of bulb to it, thus making it a perfect choice to be worn as it is. It is bent into an I-shape nose ring for better customizations.

Nose screw

Yet another one of the popular variants of the nose rings that you can find in Melorra Jewellery is the Nose Screw. It does have a short and hooked post which helps keep the jewellery in place without any kind of issues whatsoever. It is named so because of the way you twist the screw into your nostril. There are right as well as left bend nose screws and it is completely up to you to decide which one suits the best for you. It does have quite a plethora of variety and option for you to look into and is best suggested to ensure that you look into the options all the more.

Nose hoops

If you don’t want to indulge in something traditional, the nose hoops are definitely an amazing option to take a peek into. They do come in a varying number of sizes and colors as well, depending on your choices and preferences. Majority of the hoops do have one small flat disc on one end that rest just inside of the piercing. It is often more susceptible to wear than that of its remaining counterparts.

Nose bone

Last but not least is the nose bone. They come with one short post along with a decorative top that makes them stand out of the rest. They do have a mild bulbous bottom which helps secure the ornament in place. They are very easily removable and quite comfortable to wear, ensuring that no excess material does sit against the inner side of the nostril.

All these variants are quite popular and do make up for one of the best options that one can opt for. If you have been personally looking around for good options, these are definitely one of the few that you can try.

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