Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How to Keep the Fire Burning in Your Relationship

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The heat of passion is a joyous and rewarding part of any relationship, but as months become years, the roiling flames of love can soon cool down into ashen embers, with the occasional pop and fizzle on birthdays and anniversaries. This isn’t a reflection on the love and desire you have for one another, but it can be hard to maintain the passion that comes at first, when so much excitement comes from what is new to you and this new person you are sharing intimacy with.

The growth in your relationship outside of the bedroom actually creates space to develop your sexual tastes. The trust you have in each other, and the patience a relationship demands, makes an opportunity for both of you to find your sexual kinks, and explore the deeper levels of intimacy together to share something new again. Here we are going to look at a few of the ways for any couple to re-ignite the passion they felt in the early days.

Find a New Role
When we first begin to be intimate with a new partner, we will often fall into quite traditional roles, and have fairly standard expectations for your ‘meetings’. In those first fun weeks, you are often in a rush to the finish, just so you can start all over again. Later in a relationship, it is often advisable to try and explore roleplay, or elements of Domination and Submission. The roles of a Dominant and a Submissive are often very popular with couples of all sexual preferences, and sometimes it even adds an extra dimension to a relationship outside of the bedroom. Your partner may be waiting to see a more authoritative side to you, or you may be waiting to see it in them, allowing you to let go and be released from your responsibilities into their sexual commands.

Toys for Playtime
Having the right tool for the right job is always important. A good way to begin experimenting with your lover is to discuss sex toys, and any games you both might like to play with them. The adult toy industry has exploded, with the internet allowing people anywhere access to sex toys of all kinds, without having to visit a store and feel self-conscious while doing it. Rope and ties, Ball-gags, and even a strap-on dildo from an online retailer like Wet For Her has been known to help lovers take their passion to the next level.

The Great Outdoors
Recapturing the youth of your relationship can often be helped by recapturing some of your own. The rush of youth was often the fear of being discovered doing something you shouldn’t, where maybe you shouldn’t be, and many couples have taken their love-making to outdoor locations to help bring the spark back. Always behave responsibly and be careful.

Bringing the heat back to your relationship can be as simple as having an honest conversation with someone you trust. Don’t be afraid to talk to the one you love about re-kindling your passion.

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