Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Exploring Your Dress Shopping Options

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When you need a new dress, the obvious question is what kind should you buy? You can choose from a seemingly unending list of lengths, colors and styles. But you need to understand that there are some dresses only suitable for certain occasion. For example, wearing a mini dress to work is generally frowned upon. The following is a list of just a handful of the many dress types you will find when you go out shopping for a new addition to your wardrobe.

Tuxedo Dresses
Tuxedo dress are so named because they somewhat resemble the tuxedos that men often wear. That resemblance is achieved with buttons on the fronts of the dresses and lapels. They also resemble long blazers, which makes them perfectly acceptable work attire in most offices. Their hemlines typically end above the knee, but they can vary. You can also find tuxedo dresses with or without sleeves.

Babydoll Dresses
Babydoll dresses actually got their start as sleepwear. However, today many people wear them as daytime wear. They usually have clear bust lines defining the upper portions of torso-length skirts. The skirts flare out at the bottom. They usually come to a length a bit higher than the knees. Babydoll dresses are definitely informal. They are also associated more with young people.

Midi Dresses
When you want a dress that can be comfortable while being suitable for various occasions, a midi dress is a good choice. Midi dresses end between your knees and your ankles. To achieve the appearance of a longer silhouette, choose a slitted midi-dress. You can also give yourself more height and accent your chosen dress by choosing a complimentary pair of heals.

Shirt Waist Dresses
Shirt waist dresses have collars. They also feature front buttons. The buttons run the length of the dress. They can be accented with ribbon, lace or other embellishments. Shirt waist dresses are typically casual and good for most informal occasions.

Skater Dresses
A skater dress is light and airy. It does have a fitted waist, but it also features a flared A-line shaped skirt. Most skater dresses have pleated skirts. They also feature fitted bodices. Skater dresses are also typically sleeveless.

Jumper Dresses
Jumper dresses are also known as pinafore dresses. The low cut of a jumper dress requires you to wear a blouse or other top under it. You can use that as an opportunity to add an additional color to your ensemble. Jumper dresses are also sleeveless and have no collars, making them comfortable and breathable. They are often best suited for warm weather periods.

Sweater Dresses
A sweater dress is exactly what it sounds like. It is a knitted dress that is essentially an elongated sweater. Sweater dresses typically have skirts ending near your knees. They are comfortable and casual dresses you can wear for informal occasions.

Tutu Dresses
Tutu dresses are fun and playful. They are reminiscent of ballerinas. They feature gathered tulle skirts. Their bodices are typically form-fitting and sleeveless. Choose from a variety of bodice colors and styles.

Shirt Dresses
Shirt dresses or t-shirt dresses are essentially elongated shirts with flared hemlines. They can be t-shirt-like or feature collars and buttons. Both versions are much more casual than many other types of dresses. You can wear them out shopping or when spending time with friends, but they are not recommended for formal events.

One Shoulder Dresses
One shoulder dresses are typically sleeveless. They feature straps on only one side. One shoulder dresses allow you to accentuate your arms. Their asymmetrical shapes also draw attention and make a statement. They can have casual or formal uses and almost always have an alluring appeal.

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