Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Practice 8 Things To Keep Your Marriage Healthy Forever

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We all hope for a successful marriage, even though we know it’s not an easy journey. All relationships go through ups and downs, but how we keep up with the relationship that matters. But, what it takes for a happy and successful marriage? Here, we have compiled a list of a few things to keep your marriage as fresh as new.

#1 Be Gentle – Be always kind to your partner no matter what. Whether you are happy or upset, excited or angry, be kind even when you don’t feel like. A research has shown that kindness is the secret key to the longest and the happiest marriage. So, be kind to each other when it is hard to be.

#2 Exchange Gifts – Whether small or big, gifts are always effective in setting the mood right. Celebrate every occasion by exchanging gifts and let your partner know that you value that day in your life. There are several sites where you can find a mammoth of gift vouchers and gift choices to surprise your partner.

#3 Give Importance – A marriage is everything about you two. Whether it is a financial issue, setting up a business or raising your child, you both can do better together. Include your partner equally in everything you do, ask for advice and be on their side in every situation.

#4 Share Your Stories – At the dinner table or before going to bed, talk about each other’s day and how did it go. Turn off the TV, keep your phones aside and listen to it very carefully. Make it a habit to boost your trust levels that will really give your marriage a strong foundation.

#5 Talk Face to Face – Don’t avoid talking to each other face to face by sending texts or emails. Deal with each other differences and walk through the fire together. Talk about what bothers you, rather than hiding or running away. Tackle the bad times together and overcome them.

#6 Forget and Forgive Quickly – As human beings we are bound to make mistakes and they also tend to happen in relationships. Take a step and apologise first, even when you are 99% right. This act has a tendency to dissolve the fight almost immediately. Once the matter is resolved, make sure it doesn’t come up again in the future.

#7 Learn to Let Go – Don’t create an issue out of petty things. Let go of things and practice to live a peaceful and happy life. Think about why you married this person. Focus on the positive things and let the stuff pass. Remember that not every insult is intended and not everything needs to be addressed.

#8 Have Sex Often –Touch, kiss, cuddle, make out and let your partner know how much you are attracted to them physically. Having sex regularly will not only strengthen your relationship, but it has health benefits too. Imagine you both had a fight whole day, but at the end of the day you couldn’t sleep without cuddling each other. Physical attachment is as important as emotional attachment for a successful marriage.

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