Thursday, January 24, 2019

How Your Kids Are Exposed To Pornography

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With massive growth in digital technologies and the paradigm shift in our modish lifestyles, kids today are at the risk of being seriously exposed to online threats and dangers like cybercrimes and child pornography. Whether it is online flirting, social media chats, gaming or strangers outside the school, all these aspects can do enough harm to cause spiritual damage to your family especially the kids. As a parent, you should keep a vigilant eye on your kid's activities to protect them. Today, I will discuss five ways how child pornography may enter your home unnoticed. These should be in your knowledge, so you can mitigate the inherent risks wisely.

Smartphones & Tablets
With the increasing use of smartphones & tablets by youngsters even kids aged 4, no wonder crimes like child pornography are on the rise. Young minds can be quickly influenced by pornographic content on such devices and the implications cannot be equated to a mere infraction. You may even have to press charges for serious emotional damage to your kid through an expert attorney from The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg. It is wise to use a filtering software program, parental controls and monitor your child's browsing habits on digital devices for added safety.

YouTube Ads, Videos & Multimedia Content
Your kids may come across pornographic ads or short videos while watching YouTube content. Although Google has announced that it will filter such illicit content from the platform, the danger still lurks. Youngsters can be curious about such racy content on the video sharing platform that may affect their confidence, self-esteem and even growth & development. A good way to avoid child pornography in ads is to use AdBlock Plus for Chrome or a related ad/video filtering application that will automatically remove such content while your kid is surfing YouTube.

Magazines & Catalogs In Your Mail
While it may sound surprising but your mail can contain pornographic content that may turn out at your kid's end. Be careful when ordering shopping catalogs and gazettes or magazines from various places. If your child gets access to your physical mailbox, they are at risk of being exposed to indecent content. A good way to avoid this is to use a nice anti-spam service for your mailbox. Also, unsubscribe from the catalog list or personally throw such unwanted brochures away.

DVD Content
You may have thought that your DVD is a great Saturday night watch but do you know that deleted scenes and previews including bonus features can be quite illicit, as they aren’t usually rated by MPAA. Even if it is a kid flick rated PG or PG-13 that your child's watching, it could still turn out to have indecent content. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this risk is to teach your kids about the bad content and have them strictly flay such unrated bonus features and even toss the DVD if required.

Hulu & Netflix
While Netflix and Hulu are popular multimedia sites that kids like to watch for their favorite TV shows & movies, they do include content that they should not be watching. Platforms and technologies like Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV and Amazon Prime can also contain unwanted stuff your kids may stream unintentionally. Unsubscribe from such services and filter for kid-friendly channels through parental control to protect your kids.

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