Thursday, January 24, 2019

How to Pack Stylish Yet Light on Your Next Family Holiday

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Packing for a family holiday can be difficult, as you need to pack not just for you, but possibly for your partner and kids too. This means leaving enough room for everything whilst ensuring everyone gets what they want in their suitcase. If you’re struggling to choose what you should pack without going over your luggage weight, check out these few tips to ensure you and your family always look great without any extra baggage fees.

For Mum
It can be so hard to choose what holiday clothes to take, and if you have a million favourite outfits that you never usually get to wear, it becomes almost impossible to not overpack. Therefore, it is always a good idea to first start by looking at your destination. Think about what you might do each day, then choose a relevant, stylish and comfortable outfit that way.

If you are heading somewhere such as Egypt or Dubai, be aware that vests and shorts are not culturally appropriate, and this can also aid in packing. Plan each outfit out, and items such as pants, shorts, or skirts can be worn for more than one day and can look like a whole new outfit when paired with a different top and accessories!

For Dad
When packing for a holiday, it is always a good idea to start with three main colours to work with. You may already have three colours in your wardrobe that you like to wear. These items can then be dressed up or dressed down depending on where you are headed.

A nice pair of shoes along with a belt for meals out at night time can really bring together an outfit. Ray-Ban now even offer you the chance to style and design your own foldaway glasses, meaning you can look stylish in anything you wear. Don’t forget, if you are going to be running around a lot with the kids, it is best to take some shoes that look good but are comfortable too!

For the Kids
Packing for kids can be tough, as you tend to think of every possibility that may occur, including them spilling food down their outfit every day and needing a spare outfit each time. Luckily, kids clothing is a lot lighter, especially baby and toddler clothing, meaning you have a bit more leeway here. If your children have a few favourite outfits they like to wear, ensure that they are taken on holiday with them.

Packing several light layers means that if one layer gets dirty, you can mix and match. It is also important that you pack clothes that not only will look good but will protect your children too. These UV swimsuits for children not only look adorable, but they make sure the kids are safe from the sun too. Made with a special material that has UPF 50+ protection, your kids can look great and stay shielded in everything from rash guards to swim shorts.

Other Tips
Try to wear your heaviest outfit on the plane if you are still struggling to not exceed your baggage limit. Planning an outfit for each day rather than taking mix and matched clothing really can save a lot of space and means you can wear something different each day. Attempt to minimise shoes and buy some that look great through the day as well as at night. Accessories are also a light and simple way to spruce up any outfit.

Looking good and travelling light doesn’t need to be tough. With planning and possibly a few sacrifices, you and your children can explore a new country and look amazing whilst doing so.

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