Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fast Weight Loss Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Season

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If you heard stories that fast weight loss is impossible or bad in the long run, well, they aren’t all true. There is evidence in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, International Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, and other sources, which proves the efficiency of fast weight loss.
Moreover, an ‘intense’ course at the beginning of your body-reshaping journey can set it up for a more successful route. Meaning you’ll lose more pounds overall and will be able to keep them off longer.

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to use this chance and start a fast weight loss program. At the least, this will allow you to look stunning in a beautiful dress for a Christmas party.

3 Steps to Fast Weight Loss That Won’t Fail You

1. Exercise in the fat-burning mode

It’s fine to exercise 30 minutes a day when you are on a slow-paced weight loss plan. However, if reshaping your body fast is the ultimate goal, you’ll need to put in a lot of work into this. The most effective way to success is to have a HIIT (high intensity interval training) session every other day. Work out for no less than 45 minutes and be sure to give it your all.
On the days you aren’t doing intense cardio sessions, you’ll need to do resistance training. If you work up to incorporating weights into your exercise, do it. However, avoid overworking your body as a complete beginner.
One day a week should be dedicated for relaxation and easy stretching.

2. Go on a well-balanced but low-calorie diet

The main element of fast weight loss is your diet. It’s true that some restrictive plans will have you losing pounds by the day. However, they are unhealthy and this is the kind of fast weight loss that leads to an even faster weight regain.
What you need is a well-balanced diet that will give you all the essential nutrients to prevent any deficiencies and health problems. Go for a 14-day diet plan and avoid excluding any food groups. During this plan, you’ll have to drop your calories to 1,000 a day so you can achieve the best results. Be sure to increase your calorie intake afterward so you can switch to a more balanced moderate weight loss plan.
It’s essential to completely exclude junk food and processed foods from your fast weight loss diet. Avoid all products with added sugar and stick to vegetables, poultry, whole grains, legumes, and fish.
Note that to achieve the fastest weight loss rate, you should cut down the carbs in your diet and increase your intake of proteins instead.

3. Don’t eat when you don’t have to

Intermittent fasting is a great method of fast weight loss. However, as you are on a schedule, you won’t be able to work up to fasting for 16 hours or more in a healthy way.
The good news is that you can get the benefits of fasting even if you restrict your food intake for about 10 hours. This may include sleep, so if you have breakfast at 7 a.m. be sure not to eat after 9 p.m. But it’s in your best interests to make this ‘window’ longer.

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