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7 Things That You Should Not Forget as You Celebrate Christmas This Year

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When you think of Christmas, what is the first thing that usually comes to your mind? For most, it is the holiday to spend with family members and friends. For the kids, they cannot wait for Santa Claus to bring them presents. Other people are more intrigued by the Christmas Carols more than anything else. While a good number of people, the Christians, take this time to acknowledge the birth of their Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
Christmas is the one holiday everyone who celebrates it cannot wait to arrive so they enjoy the things they love doing on this special day. This is the time friends and families exchange gifts and enjoy each other’s company. Christmas cards are the most bought gifts during this season. You find all kinds of cards. From animated Christmas cards to customized police Christmas cards. All of which will fit the occasion.

The holiday means so much in our lives that even schools close for a week or longer during this time. Even some businesses close for this holiday to give their employees time off to spend with their families. However, there are a lot of things we take for granted during this season that help make Christmas meaningful. Here are seven top things you want to remember even as you celebrate this year’s Christmas.

1. Christmas is for everyone

For a holiday that is celebrated by over 2 billion people worldwide, Christmas holds a significant part in our lives whether or not we celebrate it. It has become a huge holiday that has been ingrained into the modern culture to the point that even the people from nations that did not previously recognize or celebrate this holiday are slowly easing up to it. With the number of people celebrating this festive holiday steadily rising. You do not have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas as may already been evident above. Even the non-Christians share in on the holiday in their own special ways.
As the Christians prepare to celebrate the birth date of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the non-Christians can opt for fun activities like ice skating, hiking, eating together, travelling, among other activities.

2. Commerce drives Christmas

Christmas is now more of a commercial and secular holiday than a religious one. It is easy to come to this conclusion if you see how our age recognize the holiday. It is the day shops will close while others open and make huge profits from the hike in sales of Christmas gifts and presents. Safe to say present and gift shops welcome this long-anticipated holiday with both arms. Not to forget the gift card shops and stores and industry which rake billions of dollars every year. Yes! This is the time to buy that police Christmas card we mentioned in the first paragraph. That is, if you know who you intend to send it to and still be meaningful to them.
There probably isn’t any other time of year that businesses and other commercial stores that deal in gifts make more sales and profits than in December. And if you need proof head out to the store and see for yourself the long ques of carts filled with all kinds of presents and gifts for the festive season.

3. Christmas is not mentioned anywhere in the bible

Okay, this is a rather obvious point. But most people never really give it a second thought. If you carefully study the books of the New Testament, you find that there is nowhere in the pages in the Bible that talks about Christmas. The New Testament covers over 30 years of the life of Jesus Christ plus another 30+ years that talk about the early Church after Jesus Christ’s death. In all these books, there is no mention of Christmas or even a hint. The Bible gives us details of Jesus Christ’s birth and explain how the three wise men came to witness the birth. There is not a single mention that says we have to celebrate Christmas or that Jesus Christ of God expects us to do so. Call it a fabricated holiday is you please. But still, it holds a special spot in our lives either way.

4. Invite Jesus Christ into your life

Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ. The Lord and Savior who came to cleanse us of our sins. So, even as you celebrate with your family members and friends, remember that Jesus came and died on the cross so that you would be free and cleansed of sin. The moment you acknowledge that is the moment you can invite him into your personal life. He can change your life if you let him. All you need to do is have faith in him and accept him as your Lord and Savior.

5. Celebrate the ‘person,’ not the day

From the point mentioned above, nobody knows when exactly Jesus Christ was born. But one thing is sure, a man named Jesus Christ was born and walked among us some 200 years back. And he holds a strong historical significant in our lives. So, the date should not matter much. If you remember and acknowledge the sacrifices made by the ‘person,’ you are good to go and ready to celebrate your Christmas.

6. Buy presents

This is also common sense as the whole idea of celebrating Christmas in many communities and countries is so you can come together as families and friends and exchange gifts, socialize, and enjoy each other’s company. People cannot always wait for the Christmas season to reach so they see the presents and gifts their loved ones have bought for them. The kids are usually the ones who benefit the most here. So, no matter how busy you get or how pressing or demanding your job is, try to create time and shop for cool gifts you know your loved ones will love. After all, Christmas is not Christmas without gifts.

7. Jesus is always present

Imagine the feeling of celebrating the birth of a great person who sacrificed his life for us so we could start new lives without sin. And then imagine him being there with you in the present. Yes! True believers know Jesus is always with them and watching over them protecting them from all evil. He is always present with you even as you celebrate his birthday.

Final thoughts

There are many things you can learn about Christmas that make you want to celebrate the amazing holiday even more. The ones mentioned above are just the few that come at the top of a very long list. Overall, Christmas is a time to come together with family and friends and have fun. enjoy each other’s company and get each other gifts. After all, who would say no to that?


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