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A Girl's Guide to Buying New Boots

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Women's boots come in a variety of styles; some are practical while others are playful. This timeless, versatile, and fashionable footwear has remained popular for decades. Whether you need a sensible pair of boots for work or an exotic style to wear to a festival, you won't regret updating your closet with a new pair.

Cowboy Boots

While cowboy boots originated in the American Southwest during the mid-1800s, they remain popular all over the world today. Not only are they stylish, but cowboy boots are also comfortable and durable. If you take care of them, they'll last for years. When shopping for a pair of cowboy boots, most people prefer two popular styles: the classic or the roper. The classic style has a higher heel and a pointed toe. It's usually worn on dressier occasions. The roper style has a lower heel and a wider toe. It's typically worn in more casual settings. 

Work Boots

While work boots are known for their practicality, they can be surprisingly fashionable. Since they come in a variety of colors and materials, it's easy to buy a pair that suits your sense of style while providing comfort and functionality. Usually waterproof, many work boots are constructed in such a way that they require little break-in time. Most styles have a safety toe that provides foot protection. They're made of durable materials designed to hold up under harsh conditions.

Exotic Boots

If you're looking for something comfortable, functional, and a little out of the ordinary, try a pair of exotic boots. Often made from ostrich, python, or alligator skin, exotic boots are constructed like typical cowboy boots and come with round, pointed, or square toes. Depending on the material and style, a pair of exotic boots allows you to convey a rugged, refined, or casual look, and the intricate designs let your sense of style shine.

Shopping for Various Boot Styles

Deciding on one pair of boots when you have thousands to choose from can be challenging, but a little planning makes it easier. First, decide what type of boots you want. If you're primarily concerned about style, a pair of exotic cowboy boots might work. If you need a practical shoe that'll hold up in all types of weather, a quality pair of work boots will protect your feet without sacrificing style.

Of course, the perfect pair of cowboy boots should be a comfortable, stylish choice that'll hold up for years. Shopping online at sites such as Russell's will give you access to high-quality boots in a variety of styles that are not only fashionable but also durable and comfortable.

You have several options when shopping for boots. Cowboy, work, and exotic boots are all good choices that provide support and comfort without sacrificing style. While boot-shopping can sometimes seem complicated, paring down your choices when you start looking will save you time and help you walk away with a pair of new boots you'll enjoy wearing for years.

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