Friday, September 21, 2018

The Importance of Photographing a Proposal

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There’s a new romantic trend in professional photography nowadays, with a goal to capture the precious moment of a boyfriend proposing to his girlfriend or, more formally, soon-to-be spouse.

In the era of social media popularity, platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have become gateways to promote the self and gradually translate as a limitless portfolio of digital memories. It’s the latest norm. With this opportunity, why wouldn’t you add your professionally captured just-engaged photographs for the world to be inspired by?

Professional Touch

You may think it’s okay to wing it with a compact camera or a mobile phone. But the well-built ones that professionals use (pro cams), have multiple shot features, top-quality lenses, and a range of functions that capture and enhance the chocolate-box moment. It’s not just the couple who will love this instant, but the photographer with an immense passion too.

Sarah Leen, the director of photography at National Geographic, said that creating and teaching as a photographer allow her to experience the world in a deep, personal way. “An image is a poem about time, about staying the moment.”

It Can Remain as Private as How She Would Want It

While most women will be overjoyed to tell their friends and use these photographs as add-ons for the actual wedding, there are more private couples who prefer less spotlight yet will still want the moment reminisced later in the years. You don’t want to invade her private moment, so the moment can still be as private as how it’s orchestrated.

This poses no concern for the photographer as he can still match a most inspiring moment for the quiet pair. The crew won’t act like you’re being hounded by the paparazzi or be chosen to be featured in a bride-and-groom magazine. She’ll still have that surprised and loving look.

A Combined Effort of Romantic Achievement

Yes, you can help decide, and that’s great. While the proposal photographer offers the skill to make the magic moment transpire, you can reveal the best locations where the two of you first locked lips, spent afternoons, or went on evening dates. You can even plot to visit the place you’ve long planned to visit just for the special scene and let the lenses speak for themselves.

A soon-to-be-groom builds the climax, but the photographer makes the perfect angles where her reaction goes from surprise, tears, a hug, and a kiss. She won’t be caught in work clothing or a plain tee. She’ll be sparkling like the beauty that she was when you first saw her, but this time around, she’ll look even more radiant with that diamond engagement ring you’ve saved up for.

A Lifetime Token

What the man does at that moment is a jewel she will remember for years into the marriage, and the warm gratification in the man’s heart for having pleased his love will be equally memorable.

Proposal photography costs because the planning, the lighting, and even the camouflaging or hiding will require good skill and preparation. Throw in the ideal clothes he and she are recommended to wear that day.

But a man who does this for his fiancée will stamp a seal of irreplaceable affection and, of course, surprises she’ll expect in the marriage. Keeping her special is a constant.

A professional proposal photographer may not teach you how to measure ring size (you can do that on your own), but he/she can certainly make enchanted the minutes that lead to “Yes, I will marry you.”

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