Friday, September 21, 2018

Creative “Will You Be My Groomsman?” Ideas

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Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful moments in your life. As such, it is only sensible to choose the right people who will become witnesses to such an occasion. Usually, you choose your best man and your groomsmen among your best friends and other people whom you trust.

A groomsman’s responsibilities are important. Being a groomsman also entails a lot of expenses, as he will have to spend on clothing, among other things. That being the case, it is important for you as the future groom to do the asking in a way that your friends will appreciate and easily say yes.

Proposal Card
Aside from talking to your friend directly, writing a proposal card is the next most straightforward way to make a groomsman proposal. A card can be short and sweet, or it can hold all the sass you’ve got. You can order customized cards, but if you’re the artsy type, you can make the card yourself. There are so many crazy and creative ways you can design your card.

If you have the dramatic flair, an interesting storyline, and some guts to act in front of a camera, making a proposal video may just be your thing. It may take some time to edit the unwanted clips and shoot the whole video itself, but it will be worth all your effort when your buddy says yes to your question.

Customized Gifts
Unique groomsmen gifts give a personalized touch to your proposal and show that you’ve carefully considered the preferences of your future groomsmen. It would be a waste if You can use an item that best represents the personality of your friend or reminds you of him.

Survival Kit
You can go about this in two ways. You can put together a box of your friend’s favorite things, or you can assemble a survival kit. This kit can contain items that will help your friend make it through the wedding day. You can include mints, a pair of socks, a bow tie or a necktie, and a bottle of aspirin. Don’t forget the card that contains your proposal, of course.

This proposal is, all at once, thoughtful, creative, and practical. Putting some accessories in the box will help lessen the groomsmen’s personal expenses on his outfit. Aside from that, this kit can be handy in case of minor inconveniences during the wedding.

If you do decide to include ties, cufflinks, and socks, make sure they match the color scheme and theme you’ve chosen for your wedding. That way, you’ll avoid uncoordinated outfits and a possible fashion disaster.

Spend quality time with your best buds and the people who will possibly help you on one of your most important days. This will allow the potential groomsmen and best man to become better acquainted with one another if they’re not friends yet. Go on a road trip, or go to someplace where you can enjoy one another’s company. While you’re there, you can spring the question on them.

There Are Other Ways
What have been written here aren’t the only ways you can pop the question to your best buds. A rich and vast imagination is your key to a creative proposal, but the most important thing is to say what you mean and mean what you say.

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