Monday, September 10, 2018

5 Secrets For A Movie-star Smile

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Broad, shiny grins seem to follow us wherever we go, online, on billboards, and in magazines. It always looks like these smiling people know something we don’t, as most regular people don’t have such movie-star smiles to show off. To give you the first clue, it is rarely genetic that gives them those wonderful pearly whites.

The following ‘secrets’ usually account for the science of dentistry, healthy habits and some additional skills and tips. Read on to find out more about the tips and tricks you can use to get the smile that will light up any room.

Straighten them out
When you flash a smile, are your teeth lined up? If they aren’t, people will get distracted by the unusual layout of your teeth. The good news is that in addition to braces, you might be the candidate for other possibilities like fixed retainers and Herbst appliance. With so many clear aligners to choose from you're bound to find one that you like that is within your budget. In addition to fixing your smile, you improve your bite and prevent food from getting stuck between your teeth.

Work on the Colour
Except for the lines of your smile, you should also work on its colour. The food we eat and habits like smoking, discolour our teeth and ruin their shine. There are plenty of DIY recipes out there that can help with that problem, but you can also whiten your teeth at the dentist’s. If you choose to do it yourself, make sure you find a safe whitening process and be careful not to overdo it, as that can lead to real damage.

Heal your teeth and your gums
Healthy teeth equal a beautiful smile, but the same thing goes for our gums. Not all of us show our gums in the same amount but they are also crucial. Actually, their colour and texture can make or break a smile. Apart from brushing your teeth at least twice a day, you need to floss regularly as food can get trapped in the cavities between teeth but also between the gums and your teeth. Floss or interdental brushes can prevent decay and make your smile healthy and beautiful.

Check your lips
Your teeth are a big part of your smile but don’t forget that your lips also need to impress. As lips are different in texture from most other skin, they show dehydration more easily and get chipped more often.

First and foremost, don’t lick your lips or touch them with your hands. Stay hydrated by drinking water but also by cutting down on products like alcohol. In addition to the use of lip balm, you can also exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush and thus get rid of the old skin and allow the new skin to come out.

Practise your smile
When all elements come together, and your teeth, gums and lips seem to be perfect, a genuine smile is more likely to find its way out. However, not every smile is picture ready. Even if you are posing for a photo, allow real happiness to show itself.

To smile with your teeth, open your mouth so as to expose your upper teeth only. Your lips should curl and your upper and lower lips should frame your upper teeth primarily. Remember to smile with your eyes as well, by using the muscles all along the cheeks and the outer corners of your eyes.

Your new movie-star smile doesn’t seem so unachievable anymore, right? By changing some of your eating and dental habits, you will have an infectious smile in no time at all. Though you might need professional help at some point, there are plenty of tips you can use on your own. Let your new-found confidence radiate and show off your true self to those around you through your brand new smile.


Helen Bradford is a journalism student who always seeks new ideas to write about. She enjoys blogging about beauty, health and style trends for women. Currently, she is working as an intern at Caredent, a company which manufactures personalised toothbrushes in Australia and other oral health care products.


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