Monday, August 20, 2018

Looking to Buy a Home Together? Here Are Few Ways Smart Couples Can Avoid Arguments

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Buying a home with your significant other can be an exciting time for both of you, but it also may be causing you a little worry. Navigating the real estate market can be a stressful adventure and too often couples tend to take their tensions out on one another. If you are looking to make the leap and buy a home with your partner, you can lessen the strain by using a few simple strategies.

Make a Plan

If you’re hoping to avoid headaches while looking for a new home, you’ll want to start with a solid plan. Think about the entire process, from finding the right home to moving in, and talk to each other about what you both want and need. Pull together a list of what your ideal home looks like and be prepared to compromise if the two of you have different objectives for your new property.

As part of your plan, you’ll want to gauge what you have to move when the time comes. It might be worthwhile to downsize some of your belongings, particularly if you have a glut of items you don’t really need anymore. And since finding the perfect home can take longer than expected, give yourself a little extra breathing room in your current home. If you can’t completely downsize, look into getting a storage unit to help clear the clutter. Most units aren’t that costly to rent. For example, the average cost to rent a 5’x10’ unit in Seattle runs about $120 per month.

Lastly, when formulating your plan, discuss the actual move itself and go ahead and prep a moving checklist to help you keep track of the supplies, time and help you will need to get the job done. Packing boxes only to discover one of you forgot to get the tape could cause unnecessary strain on an already stressful situation, so plan ahead to avoid delays and tension.

Really Talk About Finances

Having a conversation about money is never very comfortable but if you are considering making such a big commitment together, this tough talk is completely necessary. Studies show that finances are at the root of most arguments in committed relationships, so getting everything out in the open is always a smart move. You should both check your credit reports and be aware of any potential financial setbacks before you even fill out your first loan application. Set a budget for your new home and don’t forget to factor in any additional costs, like upgrades and repairs. Talk about financial responsibilities and decide how you will pay the mortgage, utilities and other household expenses. Reviewing your finances may not be the most romantic discussion you’ll ever have but it may just be the most important.

Be Open and Honest

It’s so easy to get swept up in the home-buying process, especially when looking at properties. A freshly painted, modern kitchen is enough to make anyone swoon but before you fall in love, be sure to check in with your other half. You may be obsessed with that big, beautiful backyard but your partner may just see a lot of unnecessary upkeep that neither of you have time for, and they may be right. Enjoy looking at new homes but try to stay focused and objective, and above all, connected to your mutual needs. The same goes for location as well. A 10-minute commute for you may mean a 45-minute trip for your loved one, so talk choices through and find a home that makes both of you happy. 

Keep Some Time for Yourselves

Getting into a new home will keep you busy. From finding the perfect property, to filling out financial paperwork and getting moved in, you’ll barely have time to fit anything else into your schedule. This is especially true if you both work. While you want to remain focused on figuring out your living situation, it’s also essential to find time to spend quality moments with your partner. Plan a date night or get out for calming hike together. Finding ways to blow off steam and relax will keep you both from blowing up at each other.

The home-buying process is always a little hectic, so it’s best to be prepared when taking on this task as a couple. With the right amount of planning and clear communication, you can find your dream home together and start this new chapter in your relationship the right way.

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