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How You Can Be Your Own Wedding Planner

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for wedding planners around a decade ago was $44,260, but with the passage of time, some brides fork over $120,000 for help sorting out the little and big details that must be attended to when planning an affair. Did that figure grab your attention? It should.

That amount of cash can be turned into a storybook affair if you assume responsibility for tasks usually done by a wedding planner, aided and abetted by friends and family. Follow the suggestions below to make the day perfect, and do add your own ideas. Wait until you see how empowered you feel when you realize that no outside wedding planner can possibly have pulled off a wedding as magical as the one you planned.

Understand What a Wedding Planner Does

That’s a lot of money. Some comes from commissions from florists, bands, caterers, and vendors who are happy to give a wedding planner a cut for using their services. Eliminate a planner, and every cent you’ve budgeted goes to the wedding itself.

What does a wedding planner do? They set budgets, appraise venues, and arrange for invites, music, photographers, florists, and anything else the engaged couple requires.

Summon Your Logistical Genius

Use the internet to winnow candidates for the resources you need to pull off your beautiful day, or get recommendations from friends for photographers, caterers, venues, florists, and music. Set aside an afternoon (and recruit your honey to help) to do nothing but make phone calls so you eliminate resources that are too pricey or unavailable on the date you picked. Next, book visits to those on your short list.

Forget Pricey Invitation Costs

There are many tutorials on creating your own designer pocket wedding invites once you purchase affordable craft supplies to do the job on your own. Pocket wedding invites are trendy, fashionable, and you can customize them to reflect your personality, style, and colors.

Turn to the Experts for Affordable Reception Ideas That Impress

Magazines like Better Homes and Gardens have helped couples plan their weddings for decades. Check out their suggestions for easy-to-make centerpieces, and then purchase affordable craft supplies to turn those ideas into gorgeous table decor.

Don’t Do It Alone When So Many Want to Help

Even if you’re undertaking projects that rely on affordable craft supplies to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, gather peeps for crafting parties to turn out some of the cutest favors and table signs ever.

Whom should you to turn to for ideas? Martha, of course! She’s got fifty unique ideas to share, one of which is bound to make you do a happy dance.

Turn Your Venue Into a Wonderland

If you can get into your reception venue the night before the big day, pat yourself on the back. Gaining access means you and your crew won’t be stringing romantic lights in your wedding attire! There are a lot of creative decorating ideas out there, but you can always add your special touches.

The Best of Luck to You

It’s hard to resist ending this guide without giving your ego a boost! If you’re going to be your own wedding planner, you deserve to be saluted.

Thanks to your talent and energy, you’ll save money, learn DIY skills born out of your handicrafting passion, let your creative flag fly, and you may even impress your new mother-in-law with your ability to create a magical occasion without so much as a single meltdown.

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