Sunday, August 12, 2018

Fun New Ways to Romance Your Lover

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This technology fueled era brings many changes to our lives. Being plugged in all day can have adverse effects on relationships too, especially marriages when you've been with the same person for years, it is easy to be disconnected by being constantly plugged into to your devices. Even romance has evolved, there are some new ways to romance your lover in our modern era.

Go Camping in a Remote Location

If you have a difficult time putting away your cell phone, because let's face it – there's so many interesting things being posted on Instagram everyday, how are you supposed to live without? If you camp in a remote location, chances are it wont have cell phone service so you will be literally forced to sit face to face with your partner. It may take a while for the addiction to subside, but over time you'll enjoy the peace and tranquility of just being with your partner. No distraction, nothing else. Just face time – in real life! Soak in the tranquility, soak in nature and be a harmonious couple just talking like the good 'ol days.

Renovate a Room

Depending on your handyman skills, this could mean something as simple as painting a bathroom, to fully restoring your kitchen. The point is to work together. Pick your colors, pick your cabinets, decide on flooring and install / paint / repair it yourself. The internet is full of DIY threads, videos and advice columns on how to accomplish home renovations so it's possible for the layperson to do. Just stay away from electrical, make sure to hire a professional Electrician because of the potential fire hazard. Fixing up a room will provide a sense of accomplishment and be a nice lesson on compromise, sure it may not be always perfectly smooth and you may disagree, but the idea is to be together form beginning until the end and finish a project together.

Bring Home a Bedroom Buddy

Heading into the bedroom, romantic intimacy is another important factor that culminates into a successful marriage. Many couples express interest in the idea of a threesome, it injects a new dimension into your love life, but the reality is that it can leaves feeling of jealousy, uncertainty and awkwardness after for all three people involved. Instead of bringing another human into the bedroom, bring his phallic realistic manhood instead. This is the most important part of the threesome anyway! In all seriousness, trying an adult toy is one of the most popular ways for married couples to enjoy a new feel during lovemaking and a tip that is well written over and over. One worthy of consideration.

Do a Crossword Puzzle Together

This is a romance tip from your grandma. A crossword puzzle is an excellent brain tease, and a puzzle that benefits from two brains instead of one. You can mutually brainstorm and figure out the solution together. It's a fun bonding experience and something totally unique. When you collaborate on solving the puzzle, it makes you feel good, like a team building experience for two.

Remember to be Nice!

When we live with someone, its easy to let little things irritate us. We can snappy and impatient with our partner. It's easy to get angry over little things like leaving the glass on the counter instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Be aware of your words, try not to be hurtful, but be passive on little things that do not matter. If you yell at your partner for leaving the glass because they keep doing it, chances are they will retaliate and snap back, and even refuse to comply. Don't get things done with anger, pick your battles and the little things do not matter, but constantly bringing them up can surely affect your marriage if you're always bickering about the little things. Think of how you would treat a guest in your home, and then you may notice you treat your husband terribly! You would never snap at your guest like that so be nice to your husband and he'll naturally be nice back to you too.

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