Saturday, August 25, 2018

Four Alternative Date Ideas to Inspire You

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When you’ve been dating someone for a while, it gets to a point where you’re all out of ideas on where to take them. You’ve been to all of your favourite bars and restaurants, you’ve hung out together at your house, been to the cinema, the bowling alley, and all of your usual haunts, and you worry that if you don’t think of something soon, it’s going to start feeling a little bit stale.

If you can relate, rest assured that it’s all perfectly normal. As your relationship progresses from newly fledged to familiar and comfortable, you’re going to have done a lot of things together, so that feeling of repetition is pretty common amongst couples. Common, but not something to become complacent about.

So, want to reinject some fun into the time you spend together? Then, here are four alternative date ideas to try…

Visit your nearest ice rink 

If you want to create a really great bonding experience, physical activity is a fantastic way to get your endorphins flowing and to add some fun into the mix. This makes ice skating a perfect choice of date, so head to your nearest rink to break the ice (pun intended) and remind yourselves of just how much you enjoy spending time together. Laugh at each other’s falls, hold hands as you speed around, and end the evening rosy-cheeked and smiling, with lots of wonderful memories to treasure as you move forward.     

Hit the casino

Want to pull out all the stops to impress? Then this is one of our favourite date ideas: a casino and cocktails night. Whether you head to your local gambling den to splash the cash and get merry on piña coladas or prefer to find a Microgaming casino – which you can source here – so that you can play from the comfort of your own home, the important part is that you enjoy the experience together. Hand-in-hand, throw caution to the wind and embrace the adrenaline rush of seeing what fate has in store for you.

Go pony trekking 

Can you think of anything more idyllic than picturesque scenery, graceful steeds, and you and your love riding out together in the sunshine? If not, how about taking your partner pony trekking? A really lovely and unique date idea, it’s a great way to make some truly magical memories together. Choose a beautiful place within an hour or two of where you live, do some Googling, and maybe even think about making a weekend of it, with a hotel stay and some hiking thrown in for good measure.   

Have a go at an aerial obstacle course  

If you and your love could accurately be described as adrenaline junkies, another great idea is to have a go at an aerial obstacle course. Both physically and mentally challenging, this is the perfect date for those who are active and outdoorsy. There are plenty of these venues scattered across the country, so whether you want to stay close to home or incorporate it into a minibreak, it’s entirely up to you. Just check that your partner is comfortable with heights before you book!
Isn’t it time you mixed things up and made your date nights fun again?

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