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Debunking Penis Enlargement Techniques

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These days, there’s certainly no shortage of penis-enlargement products and tools for men who feel insecure about their lack of endowment. However, it’s interesting to note that in most cases; men who think they have a small penis are actually just suffering from a case of mild delusion, as they really have an average-sized member.

Plus, the penis enlargement products that they choose to turn to not only make bogus claims, but they can also be harmful to the health, sexual or otherwise. That’s why it’s so important for men to make an effort to educate themselves about these different products and techniques before they use them, as that can go a long way in helping you avoid experiencing side-effects.

Jelqing Exercises

As the name implies, jelqing is a form of exercise whose aim it is to help increase penis size using a rolling motion that involves both hands in order to ensure sufficient blood flow to the penis. This exercise is also said to stretch the penis using a motion that’s very similar to milking a cow.
Now, jelqing is not exactly backed by any medical research, so there’s no scientific proof that it can actually deliver the results it promises.
That said, it’s one of the safer penis enlargement methods available out there, save for the fact that overdoing it can lead to irritation, pain and even the formation of scar tissues.

Pills, Potions and Lotions

Another widely popular form of “treatment” that men turn to when they want to enlarge their penis, is the wide array of vitamin supplements, pills, hormones, lotions and herbal concoctions that are often so well-marketed that anyone can fall for them.
However, these “remedies” often lack scientific backing as well as the necessary evidence needed to prove that they actually work. On the contrary, a lot of penis enlargement pills and potions come with a lot of side-effects that are often caused by the harmful ingredients within them, or the fact that they react with medications that the patient is already taking.
Hence it’s always recommended to consult with a physician before introducing any new type of herbal remedy or medical product into your system. That way, you’ll have a reliable professional to guide you through the pros and cons of these different solutions.

Penile Extenders

The penile extender is a non-invasive, traction-based method that’s used to stretch the penis. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study which showed that just by using a penile extender for three months, men who formerly had flaccid penises can increase their length by up to 1.5 centimetres.
Similar to the other techniques, the penile extender doesn’t have enough evidence behind it to show just how safe and effective it can be. Not only that, but the penile extender is an awkward device that can feel uncomfortable to use sometimes, and excessive stretching can lead to blood clot formation in the penis veins, nerve damage and bruising.

Vacuum Pump

Also known as penis pumps, vacuum pumps are a common remedy for disorders like erectile dysfunction, whereas some men choose to use them as exercise for the penis.
However, the results offered by penis pumps are always temporary and in most cases don’t last more than a few hours, which is what causes some men to overdo it. This can then lead to problems with tissue damage and damage one’s ability to “get it up” in the future. However, it’s still considered to be an effective technique for men who want to exercise the penis, even though it should be used with caution.

Clamps and Rings

Clamps and rings are devices that are placed around the base of the penis after an erection has been reached. Doing so apparently helps prevent loss of blood flow from your penis thus effectively enlarging it.
However, you need to be careful to not wear it for longer than 30 minutes, as that can lead to penile tissue damage and even completely cut off blood flow to your penis, which will not be good news for your sex life afterwards.


Surgery is a more invasive method to increase penis length and it’s often done on the recommendation of a physician when there’s a defect or injury on the penis. However, it can also be done to improve penis function but never to increase penis length or width.
As a result, penile enlargement surgery is rather rare and quite controversial too, as it comes with associated risks like scarring, infection and even loss of function. Plus, it’s mostly capable of adding an extra ½ an inch or so of length to the penis, which may not be worth it when you look at the potential downside, and there just isn’t enough scientific research backing its usefulness anyway.

Make the Most of What You’ve Been Given

As the old saying goes, “it’s not about size, but about the motion in the ocean”, which means that sometimes all it takes to improve one’s performance in the bedroom is to work with what you’ve got and make the most of it.
That said, you might have a weight problem that’s causing your penis to appear smaller than it is, or perhaps you have a lot of bush that needs trimming in order to bring out the full glory of what’s hiding beneath? Whatever it is, there are ways and methods of enhancing what you already have to increase sensitivity and enhance sexual pleasure without breaking the bank or risking your health.

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  1. I think most penile enlargement products are over rated, but i still find it difficult to believe when i hear of some herbal portions credited to a particular cultural group in Nigeria, whose efficacy they claim is very potent. Also, considering the fact that the culture of this group encourages polygamy, and the male folk tend to parade large offspring.


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