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Read This before Shaving Your Bikini Area

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To say the least, it is embarrassing to expose your unkempt hair at the bikini area. It is indicative that you have little concern about keeping high hygienic standards. At the same time, it is one of the most sensitive parts of your skin and body. It leads to this question: How can you safety and perfectly shave the bikini area? Well, this is what you need to know:

Invest In a Good Personal Shaver for Bikini Area 

Failure to shave your hair bikini area well can cause frustrations as the itchiness and discomfort kicks in. Looking at the area will cause disgust and obviously affect your quality of life. Avoid this by investing in the best personal shaver. It is characterized by its ability to offer you irritation-free shave. You do not need the expensive lotions or creams that may mess the entire process.

The razor should be designed to help you avoid bumps and ingrown hairs at all costs and instead, offer you a close shave. If you have a sensitive skin, the tool should not worsen the situation. You do not have to deal with irritations and burns after the shave. Still, the bites, cuts and stubble should be kept at bay.

Choose the Look That Works For You

You don’t have to stick to one bikini area look all your life. Choose the look that matches your tastes and preferences in a given time. You could go for a clean shave if you are not a fun of bikini area hairs. It is also acceptable to create patterns and shapes such as love hearts or a line extending to your belly button. Regardless, you must be comfortable enough to rock the final outcome.

Always Soften and Exfoliate Your Hair before Shaving 

Irritation will be inevitable if you fail to soften the hairs before shaving. Soak your hairs first to avoid cuts. This should take at least two minutes. You may also shave immediately as you go through the normal bathing process.
The exfoliation helps you to align the hairs in the same direction. Still, the extra dead skin is eliminated so that the razor gets closer to the roots. A clean and easy cut will be achieved in the end. The sponges or cooled coffee grounds can be utilized for best results.

Shaving Creams Will Always Make a Difference  

Do not skip this process because you will end up with a lingering itch as the hair starts to grow. However, you should make a wise choice when you buy the product. The fragrance-free creams are better for the bikini area since the area is highly sensitive. Oil-based alternatives such as the olive or baby oil can also be used. Even so, be careful when using them to ensure that the pores are not clogged.

Shave In the Direction That Your Hair Grows 

To avoid irritation, take note of the direction of your hair’s growth. It is also critical to allow the blade to do the job as opposed to putting pressure on the razor. The strokes must be light and gentle. It goes back to the idea of finding the right tools. The blade must be sharp enough to give you a close shave effortlessly. Remember to apply the cream whenever necessary.

The Aftercare Is Crucial 

Once you have shaved, you may be tempted to get excited and forget the process for a while. You give room for irritation and clogging of the sensitive skin. After rinsing the area, apply the moisturizer. It is also critical to realize that your underwear can stand in your way of having an itchiness-free bikini area. If it is too tight and made of wrong materials, you are likely to have issues as your hair starts to grow.

More so, cleaning and changing the blades is an important part of the aftercare. The old blades will give you infections and discomfort while shaving. You will also realize that they have some hairs. Change them after a few shaves. You must also store them in dry areas to avoid the undesirable rusting or contamination.

Ultimately, shaving your bikini area requires a great deal of caution. Nonetheless, the perfect results will make you confident and comfortable. Always consult the professionals for advice on the best personal shavers. 

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