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Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?

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Penis enlargement

Claims for penis enlargement practices range from the fantastic to the fantastical, but which penis enlargements actually offer results? The long, and short of it… ahem… is that yes - sometimes penis enlargement strategies do work, however, knowing which is the best for you can be confusing.

There are just as many strategies, exercises, lotions, potions, pills and toys available for penis enlargement as there are men who desire a longer, stronger member. Some can be incredibly dangerous for your health and the health of your penis, others are expensive and just don’t work, BUT fear not, because there are a precious few that work great for most men.

For the Naturalist

Some research has shown that there are a few natural ways to enhance the power of your penis. However, these might surprise you a little… There are “stretching” techniques that have been shown to be effective, but stretching a flaccid penis incorrectly, or too often, can actually result in damage to the tissues, instead of penis enlargement, you wind up with bruising, scarring, and damage. The three “natural things” that actually work are: Weight loss, muscle building, and-you guessed it- confidence.

Carrying extra weight around your midsection can make your penis appear smaller than it actually is. An easy way to get around this optical illusion is to lose weight. Slim down around your middle and then you’ll be able to see your penis enlargement results, almost immediately.

Muscle building can encourage enlargement naturally by boosting blood flow to the area, as well as more control over how long your erections last and the ability to perform a sweet penis “flex” by engaging those muscles. Admit it, you’ve tried it. Working on those pelvic floor muscles and abs increases blood flow to your groin naturally. Just like all of those boys with big bulky arms have big bulky veins, big bulky abs and pelvic muscles create… well, you can see where I’m going with this.

Confidence is one of the biggest issues that men with dreams of enlargement face. In reality, what most men think of as small, is really a perfectly reasonable, and enjoyable, size. The average size for a erect penis is 5-7 inches. Only a handful of men fall outside of that bell curve. Remembering that even though your trouser snake may not be the python of sensual dreams, it’s still more than enough to get the job done. Being hung up on the size will negatively affect your sexual performance and give way to searching for penis function as opposed to just penis enlargement.

A bonus strategy for the man au natural is to keep that pubic hair nicely trimmed or shorn. Giving the not so little man in your pants the ability to stand out above the rest.

For the Chemist

There are a staggering amount of pills, lotions, and supplements available that report amazing results in penis enlargement. Before you take any pill or supplement, even if they are marketed as “natural”, ensure that you check with your GP or regular doctor, first. Many pills and supplements can interact with medications you may already be taking, and some are just downright dangerous to your health. Lotions can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. With this being said, there are a few pills, lotions, and supplements, that can increase erection duration, but few that yield any real promising results for penis enlargement. So they don’t necessarily make your Little Richard any larger, but, they definitely can enhance sexual performance.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all heard of erectile dysfunction medications- such as the ever popular little blue pill. While these won’t increase your flaccid penis size, they do have to power to possibly increase your erect penis size, albeit fractionally. These pills work by increasing blood flow throughout the body. Heart sufferers beware, the pills and supplements that extend your hardon can wreak havoc on your blood pressure. If they work too well, they can also cause some pretty devastating tissue damage.

Most commercially available lotions work by either decreasing sensitivity, or increasing blood flow. Are you seeing a theme here? Again, with the lotions, the same as with the pills, they’re not sold for enlargement per say, and it’s unlikely that you’ll see a size increase. Instead the pills and lotions are sold to extend the time you’ve got between the sheets. But with any process that improves blood flow, you may notice your penis looking encouragingly engorged.

Enlargement supplements generally rely on either increasing blood flow, or messing with hormones. Both are dangerous choices to make without first consulting your doctor.

For the Toy Enthusiast

Using toys for enlargement is probably the safest and most effective way to pull off an “at home” penis enlargement scheme. While most toys won’t actually change the size of your penis, it can give you the added confidence and feelings of penis enlargement.

Penis pumps are pretty common and most of you are familiar with at least the theory of how they work. If not- essentially they create a vacuum that draws fluid and blood into your member. Occasional use of these little suction containers can create the appearance of penis enlargement, but overuse can have disastrous results, like damaged tissues of difficulty even getting an erection.

Clamps and rings are applied to the base once you have an erection. These prevent blood from flowing out. While these work in the temporary realm, wearing them for longer than 30 minutes can cut off the blood flow to your member and it’s associated tissues, resulting in prolonged and severe damage.

Penis sleeves are essentially a penis shaped sleeve that you slide onto your erection. Depending on the model, this can elongate or fatten, or even give your penis an entirely new look. Penis sleeves are probably the safest, and most entertaining, method of penis enlargement at home.

For the Surgeon

While surgeries for enlargement do exist, they come with some really serious, if not crippling, risks that most men aren’t willing to take. Even most doctors find the procedures controversial.

While there are many options for physician mitigated penis enlargement surgery, they are rarely performed. The side effects are often critical or even deleterious in terms of penis enlargement. Some can result in erectile dysfunction or even shrinkage, so it’s rare that they are performed by reputable surgeons. Surgeons will treat sincere medical conditions, such as micro penis, with these treatments, but they just aren’t really safely viable for your average penis wielding male.

Surgeries that require no surgeon are found within the piercing industry. Silicon balls or shafts can be surgically implanted into the penile shaft in some places. This is normally referred to as “penile beading” and can be a preferred method of enlargement that can be procured at choice piercing shops.

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