Thursday, July 19, 2018

Activities You Can Do at Home this Weekend

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Weekends can be long and boring when you are at home and at times, you can lapse into a predictable routine that is monotonous. Whether you want to stay at home this weekend because of bad weather or you are in an indoors mood, you can engage in an array of activities to avoid boredom and crankiness. Here is a list of fun and entertaining activities you can do at home.

Watch Movies

Watching movies is an all-time favorite for many people. Watch a classic, documentary, animation, or a favorite movie this weekend. Gather around the living area with your family or friends, choose a spot and enjoy the movie. You can improve the movie experience by using a projector. Remember to pop up some popcorn to enhance the experience.

Go online

You can surf the internet for educational and recreational materials. Learn something new online and enrich your knowledge and skills. You can go through Wikipedia pages or take free online classes to improve your skills. Check out some good blogs that help better your life and learn new things. Learn something new about beer and the brewing process by visiting In addition, you can play free online games to entertain yourself.

Play Games

Card and board games are perfect ways to pass time on the weekend. You can play the games with kids, siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends and still enjoy every bit of it. Games are beneficial because they improve your creativity, thinking, and engagement. There is an array of games to choose from such as chess, Scrabble, Uno, apples to apples, monopoly, and Ludo.


You can do some cleaning around the house to provide a feel-good factor. Clean the entire house, your bedding, or a wonky shelf. Organize your jewelry drawer, laundry room closet or junk drawer. Cleaning helps to burn calories and keep you healthy. After cleaning, try organizing your home by moving things around. Hang your pictures in different places, rearrange your furniture, and give your house a new look.

Take a luxurious bath

A warm bath is relaxing, rejuvenating, and relieves stress and tension. Take a bubble bath and make it luxurious with some nice music, candles, bath products, and a nice beverage or book. Take the time to unwind and have some me-time away from your friends, spouse, kids, and job. You can also try some DIY beauty treatments such as an avocado mask and a pedicure and manicure.


This is for the passionate individuals in the kitchen. You can try out a new recipe or cook your favorite dish. Try making some good old chocolate cookies and other delicious recipes to brighten your day. You can make a homemade pizza, corn, bread, and cake. In addition, you can make a nice pot of hot soup for a cold Saturday afternoon.

Get creative

Use your hands to make something creative. You can engage in fun crafts such as knitting, sewing, and jewelry making. You can draw something or write whatever comes into your mind. Write a letter to a loved one telling them how you are doing and what’s new in your life. Additionally, you can write a bucket list and pick one to do for the weekend.

There are many fun activities that you can do at home this weekend ranging from cooking to watching movies and playing games. All these activities are exciting and entertaining and avert boredom. Make the most of your upcoming weekend and engage in one or two of these fun indoor activities. You will be shocked at how exciting, entertaining your weekend will be, and you will move out of your predictable routine.

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