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6 Ways To Make Your Guests Cry At Your Wedding

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Weddings always bring out the emotions in everyone. There is something about seeing two people commit their lives to each other that gets even the most unemotional person a little bit teary eyed. When planning a wedding, some couples really want an emotional aspect to their day. Here are some of the things that tend to not leave a dry eye at the wedding.

Bride’s Entrance

Everyone who attends a wedding is waiting for the bride to make her grand entrance. When the music starts playing and you know a bride is ready to start walking down the aisle, you really can’t help but to start to tear up. There is so much anticipation in seeing what the bride looks like and every detail of her dress. Her entrance is one part of the wedding that no one will ever forget, including the bride. Often times a bride’s father, or someone of large importance to her, is the one who walks her down the aisle. More often than not, the person escorting her is already in tears before the first step down the aisle is ever taken. Escorting a bride down the wedding aisle is an honor and a privilege to anyone, and it is not something that is taken lightly my most.

Keep an Eye on the Groom

Just as much as every guest is waiting for the bride to make her entrance, so is her soon to be husband. The look on his face as he sees his bride for the first time is a priceless moment. Whether it be a smile, eyes filled with tears or the look of sheer joy, a husband’s reaction to his bride is an emotional one for everyone attending a wedding. This groom’s reaction to his bride is one of the most photographed parts of a wedding, just because of how emotional it really is. You may think the bride gets all of the attention, but there is always room to show the groom attention to see his reaction.


Wedding vows are an integral part of every wedding. There are the traditional vows that have been said at thousands of weddings or personalized vows written by the bride and groom. Regardless of which vows are said, they are an emotional part of a wedding that leave many guests tearing up. The vows are the moment that a bride and groom become one and pledge their lives to each other. This commitment is not one to take lightly and emotionally affects just about everyone. Personalized vows add another emotional level to any wedding. Hearing a bride and groom speak from their hearts with vows that no one else will ever have is a unique and touching part of any wedding.

When the Bride and Groom Get Emotional

At some point during a wedding ceremony, either the bride or groom will become emotional. There may be tears of joy shed, a quiet laugh or a simple smile, or just a simple look at each other that shows the love between them. Either way, there is a moment at every wedding where guests see the love between the bride and groom. Weddings take months of planning and can cause stress. Once the ceremony starts, a bride and groom can live in the moment and have these precious moments, even though the room is filled with guests. These moments can get any guest reaching for a tissue to wipe their tears away.

First Dance

Every reception starts with the traditional first dance between husband and wife. This moment is another highly anticipated time for any wedding. The anticipation of finding out which song they picked and seeing the love between the bride and groom as they hold each other close and dance like they are the only ones in the room leaves even the most stone faced guest with no other option but to shed a few tears. Most songs picked for a first dance have some type of emotional meaning to the couple, and wedding guest will know that. This adds another level of emotion to the dance.

Reception Speeches

Every reception comes with a mix of speeches. The best man and maid of honor typically both deliver a speech but sometimes parents, friends and even the bride and groom themselves will deliver a speech as well. It doesn’t matter who gives a speech, there is bound to be emotion in it somewhere. Even the funniest of speeches will still deliver personal and heartfelt stories and messages about the bride and groom. In many cases, the reception speeches are where the most tears end up being shed.

Showing the Love

Brides and grooms will always have at least two people stand up with them at their wedding, known as the best man and maid of honor. Most weddings have wedding parties that also consist of bridesmaids and groomsmen. It is typical for the bride and groom to buy gifts for anyone in their wedding party and often times will present these gifts at the reception. Seeing the expressions when gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids are handed out is always emotional. Most gifts are engraved or have significant meaning behind them, so they usually always bring happy tears with them when they are opened.

Every wedding is special and unique. While each wedding will offer a uniqueness, there is always emotion tied in to it somewhere. There is bound to be tears of joy spread at some point in every wedding. While a wedding day is truly all about the bride and groom, every guest that is invited has played a role in the life of the bride or groom. A wedding day will always be emotional for guests as they watch a marriage take place, as they are all apart of the lives of the bride and groom.

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