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Find the Ideal Engagement or Wedding Ring for That Special Someone

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You’ve decided that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. Despite the challenges you’ve faced through the years, the good times are so great that you can’t imagine yourself with anyone else. Congratulations on finding true love! It is the best feeling you’ll ever have and, when you’ve found the right one, it lasts forever. Of course, whether you’re thinking of popping the question or have recently accepted a marriage proposal, you’ll need to get the right ring.

A Symbol of Your Love
When you think about ring shopping, it is common to think about things like spending three month’s salary and researching cut, clarity, color, and carat. Though affordability and quality are important, you must remember that the ring you choose will serve as a symbol of your love forever. Your significant other will wear this ring daily and it will be a constant reminder of who gave it to them and how much they’re loved. That’s why it’s important to put a lot of thought into getting it right. Below are some suggestions on how to find the right ring for your perfect partner.

Check for Hints
If you’re a guy looking to purchase an engagement ring and you’ve been with your girlfriend for more than two years, chances are she’s already dropped a few hints. You may see her looking at bridal magazines and drooling over rings, she may talk about how gorgeous her best friend’s engagement or wedding ring is, or you may have even seen her gazing at something she likes online. She may even start talking about how she's been doing some "just for fun" research and found that, "when it comes to diamonds San Diego has jewelers with better reputations than the ones up in Seattle." It sounds super random but, to a hint dropper, that kind of detail is one they'll want you to remember.

Think About Their Lifestyle
What kind of life does your significant other lead? If you’re looking for a wedding band for your husband and he does manual labor, you’re going to want to consider a rugged ring that can withstand a few bumps and bangs. If they work in a position in which doesn’t allow them to wear rings at all, an inexpensive band may suffice since they’ll have it off more than on which means they have a higher chance of losing it.

Ask Friends and Family
Your in-laws and mutual friends can often be your best source for information when trying to find the ideal engagement or wedding ring. They knew your soon-to-be spouse before you did and may have an idea of what they’d like. At the very least, they may be able to help you find out by lightly bringing up the subject to your significant other and reporting the details back to you.

Personality Goes a Long Way
What kind of person is your partner? Are they elaborate and over the top? Simplistic and subtle? Often personality can help you in choosing the right wedding or engagement ring. If you have a partner who refers to herself as a “diva”, for instance, you’d probably want to go with a huge princess cut diamond with elaborate details. If your husband is subtle and laidback, you might opt for a solid metal band or something with diamond cuts in it for a little pizzazz.

What Are Their Favorite Things?
Early on in the dating game you probably asked your partner a ton of questions about their likes and dislikes. Now, is the perfect time to put them to use. What are some of their favorite things? Do they like the color yellow? Is their favorite metal silver? What’s their birthstone? Do they like it? You now have things you know your partner likes and can find those things in a ring. Perhaps get your husband’s favorite team logo on his wedding band. Your fiance who likes the color yellow might prefer a canary diamond engagement ring instead of a traditional diamond.

The right ring should encompass everything you love about your partner and everything they love about life. It does not have to bankrupt you, nor does it have to be the trendiest piece. What matters is that it comes from the heart and speaks to their soul. You only get one shot to wow your partner with a wedding or engagement ring, hopefully, these tips will help you in finding the ideal one. 

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