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10 cities no tourist should miss when touring the United States

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The US has a lot to offer to the ardent travelers. This comprehensive list of 10 must-visit cities will give you a peep into its diversity. These are the destinations that should be on your bucket list if you are planning to visit the US for your next vacation. Below is a list of 10 US cities which all have something to offer to all kinds of tourists.

Las Vegas, Nevada
The city could well be the last word in entertainment.  Located in Mojave Desert of Nevada, the city provides ceaseless entertainment round the clock that revolves around its attractive casinos and nightclubs.  The 4-mile long main street (The Strip) that runs through the city housesseveral themed hotels that are simply electrifying.

San Francisco, California
Visitors to San Francisco would find the scenic drives and the windblown climate just too attractive. The art deco backdrop, the wineries and the open-mindedness of the city that boasts of numerous tasty restaurants, museums, colorful neighborhood and opera would simply make you lose your heart to the city.

Chicago, Illinois
 Chicago has a whirlwind attraction that could drive tourists off their feet. The architecture of the city on water beckons everybody who could derive immense satisfaction from a range of activities. From fine dining to enjoying modern art and live music you can just walk around the city to choose your entertainment.

Louisville, Kentucky 
Missing the derby odds at the famed Kentucky Derby in Louisville could leave you lamenting for life. Plan your trip in a way so that you can catch up with the action on the first Saturday of May when the horse racing connoisseurs gather here.

New York City, New York
No tourist list can ever miss including the Big Apple, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city lives up to its reputation in all seasons no matter what the reason is. The Times Square, Central Park, Broadway shows and shopping, the enjoyment is unmatchable.

Seattle, Washington
The Space Needle in Seattle forms the most distinguishable skyline of the US that no tourist should give a miss. The city is a blend of modern architecture and laid-back scenery well supported by live music and coffee, the brew that is so special to the place.

Napa, California
The place is famous for its wines and promises a luxurious and lazy holiday to enjoy with top quality cuisine that perfectly complements the liquor. Spoil yourself with food and drink amidst the endless grapevines and gently rolling hills.

Portland, Oregon
To spend quality time amidst an eco-friendly environment that welcomes you warmly, you have to visit Portland.  The welcome notes keep lingering as you soak in the laid-back style of holidaying while hopping between the parks and distilleries and having a look at the craft wares.

Honolulu, Hawaii
The gentle waves of the sandy beaches have a tranquil appeal that will mesmerize you as much as the as the gentle sway of the hips of the Hula dancers. The hospitality is as bright as the sunshine and encourages you to indulge in a variety of water sports.

New Orleans, Louisiana
The city that is brimming with music and Creole food at every corner hosts the famous Mardi Gras festival and has a charming history that makes it a must-see for tourists. The nightlife too is an irresistible attraction.

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