Friday, May 11, 2018

The Complete Guide for Couples on Buying Sportswear

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Buying sportswear together is a big step for couples. Whether you're in the middle of a courtship or have been married for a while, matching sportswear means a lot. You want the sportswear you buy to reflect your personalities individually and jointly, and you also want to be comfortable. The first step? Deciding what you will be doing together.

Many stores offer specialty and all-terrain sportswear. Finding matching couples sportswear is a little bit of a challenge, but you can get better matches from high-end brands. To match your styles together, first decide where you will be doing the activity and what type it will be. If you have decided on running together, think carefully about what kind of terrain you are going for.

Beach running will require a windproof jacket on the lighter side that is super bright; trail running will require a heavier jacket that blends a little better with the surroundings but doesn't have to be camouflage. Deciding the type of activity is an important step here; if you are talking about sprints or cross-training, you will want a jacket that provides more insulation and is more flexible.

For ultra runners or trail runners, a piece that doesn't absorb moisture no matter what will be more important than how much flexibility the jacket has.

If you are not sure what you will be doing together or like a variety of training options, try a couple of different outfits. Consider signing up for a store's mailer to receive discount codes and their catalog via mail or email, and lighten the load on your wallet.

You can also try resale at specialty shops on brand names you trust if you buy outdoor gear like snowshoes or skis as a couple. This gives you some flexibility if you think you may need a lot of gear up front, and leaves you some room to shop for the big one: undergarments.

Professional sports gear requires the best undergarments. Buy from a reputable dealer in the proper size (you can try getting sized at your local department store if the sports retailer doesn't have sizing available) and check the washing requirements. A lot of professional gear requires regular waterproofing and air drying; make sure you are able to do this and any dry cleaning necessary or your garment will not perform properly.

Aside from having the right undergarments and the right gear, matching your couples' style is important. Try bringing jewelry that you wear often in with you as you shop to see if the style matches. An old technique for matching sports gears for couples is to shop for the jacket first and move down from there.

But if you don't feel the need to match, then you may consider another tactic for individual dressing, which is to shop for shoes first and move up. Either way, make sure that you consider your partners characteristics, modesty, and activity level to help them get dressed in a flattering manner. These things are essential to having fun doing sports together.

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