Thursday, May 31, 2018

Preparing to Come out to your Parents

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Struggling with your sexuality can be such a difficult thing to deal with, and once you have made things a little clearer in your own mind, there is then the dreaded conversation where you need to come out to your parents. The thought of this alone can be scary, and not something that you’d particularly look forward to doing – so it’s important you are in the right frame of mind before you do so.

Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario
Things may not go exactly how you want them to go, so it’s important that you prepare for that. Every parent is different and will react differently – and you can never be 100% sure what the outcome of the discussion will be. It’s important that you know that going in and make sure that you have planned for the worst-case scenario.

Gather your Support Network
When getting ready to come out – it’s incredibly important that you have a supportive network of people around you. That could be a group of friends that have had the same experience as you and can let you know how things went for them. It can be cathartic to chat through with people that you feel close to. There are also professionals that you can open up to who will be able to give you some sound advice. Life coaches are a great way to express your concerns and to get some feedback on what you may be feeling. You can also do this online, rather than having to go to an office. This is an option you can explore at the following link:

Choose a Time and Place that’s Right for You
There won’t ever be a perfect time to “come out” – but you can be in control of that and your surroundings. Think about it, don’t blurt it out if you are having a debate or an environment – make sure you plan ahead. Will this ensure that everything will run exactly how you want it? No, but you will have more control. It’s also important not to plan when it’s a big family event like a wedding or celebration.

Let them Know that you Want a Close Relationship with them
The scariest thing for parents can be that they think everything will change. Suddenly things aren’t what they imagined they would be. Make sure that they know that you are happy and healthy, and that there is nothing that they need to worry about. Also make sure that they know that you want to maintain a close relationship with them, and that this shouldn’t change. They may not adjust straight away, but they will come around.

Although coming out can be a tumultuous time in your life, preparing yourself emotionally can help you on your way to making things a little easier for you. Make sure you take into consideration our tips and advice.

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