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Appropriate Wedding Dress Styles for Different Body Types

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Over the decades, bridal fashion has changed almost as fast as regular, high street trends. These days, it’s all about what’s on the catwalk, what celebrities are wearing and what the biggest designers are doing with their fabrics. Forty years ago, the popular styles were grand, overstated and extravagant. Think Princess Diana at her ceremony in 1981.

Modern brides, however, are returning to simple cuts and designs. They want sexy wedding gowns that make them feel sensual without being overly daring or skimpy. They want to feel free to show a bit of skin, perhaps on the back, legs or cleavage. For this reason, contemporary wedding dresses are neater and smaller than their eighties counterparts.

This article takes a look at some popular wedding dress styles and considers the best body shape for each one.

The Mermaid (Best for Voluptuous Brides)

The mermaid cut is very popular right now because it hugs tight to curves without overemphasizing them. For this reason, it’s quite a sexy style. It skims smoothly over lumps and bumps, but it tucks in at the right places to create an hourglass silhouette.

Mermaid wedding gowns are figure hugging at the top, looser in the middle and tapered towards the bottom. At the base, by the feet, they flare outwards in dramatic fashion. The mermaid cut is ideal for brides with curvy figures who want to show off their best bits.

The Ball Gown (Best for Athletic Brides)

The ball gown style has a very large and prominent skirt. This is normally paired with quite a tight fitting bodice or corset. The cut tucks in at the waist to give the illusion of curves, so it is perfect for slender brides with athletic frames.

If you’re on the small side, it’s best to give this one a miss. You could end up feeling swamped by material, whereas a taller bride will benefit from the curvaceous bell shaped skirt. If you’re concerned about looking too tall, pick a dress that drops only to the shins or ankles.

The Column (Best for Tall Brides)

Column wedding dresses are very simple and elegant. They prioritise length by following the natural long line of the body. They tend to be understated, so they’re not a great choice for brides who want lots of detail or embellishments.

Column gowns are form fitting, but they skim over the body rather than hugging it. This is good news for anybody with a lean or athletic build. The soft skimming fabric creates a hint of curves without putting too much of the frame on show.

The A Line (Best for Pear Shaped Brides)

The A line cut has become one of the most popular choices for modern brides. It is one of few styles that complements almost all body shapes. Whether you’re an apple, pear, or hourglass, the narrow top and gently tapered bottom are guaranteed to suit your frame.

A line gown are defined by their fitted, form hugging tops and relaxed skirts. They are a good choice for brides who feel self-conscious their stomach areas. Due to the way the skirt flows loosely over the torso, there is plenty of room to hide lumps and bumps.

How to Start Your Big Dress Quest

Don’t worry if you’re at all unsure about which style to choose. The retail staff in wedding dress shops are extremely well trained. They have a lot of knowledge about shopping for different body shapes and help brides pick out dream dresses every day.

If you’re shopping online, take your time and make sure you know what you’re getting. Do a little research to verify the reputation and reliability of the store, especially if you plan to spend a large amount of cash.

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