Monday, May 14, 2018

A Guide on Buying Wardrobe Essentials for Couples

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Clothes are a necessity we cannot afford to do without. However, it’s often the norm that we spend more than we really have for stuffing our wardrobes with more than we actually need. Today, we seek to put an end to that by working out which clothes are of the essence and which ones you can live without. Here’s the lowdown:

1) You Don’t Need T-shirts
Having a shirt or two lying around for those lazy weekend nights is alright, but do not spend too much on tees. They need regular washing since they are worn close to the skin, which means they tend to wear out faster than most clothes. In the event that you decide to go T-shirt shopping, the general rule of thumb to remember is: go for a nice fit, embrace quality fiber and steer clear of the whites as they are particularly susceptible to underarm discoloration.

2) Embrace Jeans
Jeans are the ultimate multi-functional clothes made by man; they can be worn to a casual dinner, when cleaning your backyard and you can even put them on for work. So be sure to set aside a little extra for jeans purchases. Premium denim is the go-to variety when it comes to good jeans as it doesn’t stretch too much and maintains its enthralling shade for longer than many cheaper options.

3) Be Wary of the In-wears
The world of fashion churns up a new piece of attire every so often that sends the world into a frenzy. If you buy every in-fashion wear that crops up by the day, then you can be caught up in a spiral of recurring expenses. Exercise restraint and stay away from trendy items unless it’s something that’s made for the long haul and makes financial sense.

4) Know When to Shop 
Timing is also key if you are keen to cut costs and the ideal time to go shopping for clothes is over the holidays and on other special days. Retailers slash their price tags significantly and you can end up saving up to more than half of an attire’s total cost. Forever21, for instance, has been offering a number of good discounts and deals on the backdrop of the on-going mother’s day festivities so be sure to check them out.

5) Spend on Jackets and Coats
Investing in a good jacket is important as it can make even the most ordinary of pairings, e.g. a Jeans and T-shirt combo, look a tad more elegant and enchanting. Go for quality, sleek design and longevity. The same can also be said for a coat, especially if you reside in a frost belt. You’d want it to be a good fit and of durable texture both of which you can substantiate by trying the coat on and testing out the fabric by squeezing it for some time to see if it maintains a crumpled outlook.

6) A Black Suit is a Must-have
Nothing compares to a black suit when it comes to versatility. From interviews and important meetings to dinners and cocktail parties, there is simply nowhere a black suit looks out of place. A top-notch obsidian suit- which is made from high-grade fabric and has a superior cut- is one that’ll serve you for many years to come and thereby save you money in the long run.

If you are looking to plug the leaks of your wardrobe spending expenditure, then the aforementioned pointers are all the plumbing tools you need. Have them at your fingertips and you’ll notice your wardrobe budget plummet to a convenient sum.

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