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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Therapist

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Sometimes, life can prove to be quite a challenge, and we may need some help to face these issues. Seeking such assistance from therapists may be one of the hardest things to do. However, getting the right help requires picking the best therapist. Below are five tips to help you make the right pick.

1. Qualifications
Do some research to confirm and verify the therapist's professional credentials; the objective is to ensure that they have the proper training and experience.  Check with some of the leading psychotherapy bodies and accrediting counseling bodies that offer relevant training and advocate for ethical practice. You can also check with the Counselling Directory for listings of approved psychotherapists and counselors.

2. Making Contact
Once you have ascertained the qualifications, the next step is to contact the therapist; the qualifications are not enough to indicate that you are hiring the best person. The therapist should put in more efforts such as having social network accounts and informative websites with the aim of availing additional information about their services. You can assess such information to deduce the therapist's personality and areas of specialization. Call and have a meaningful conversation over the phone as you also schedule a private meeting for more insights that will help you make the best decision about the therapist you are bound to hire.

3. Shop around
It is possible to find the right therapist the first time, but that is often not the case; nevertheless, you should not give up and settle for the same therapist. Make changes and look for a professional that makes you feel safe and comfortable. When to see the therapist and for how long is a matter personal choice and preference. Professional ethics dictate that the therapist gives recommendations for you, but remember that you have the last say in who to pick.

4. Location
Location is an essential factor to consider especially if you do not love long journey to see your therapist, then consider hiring one that is not far from your workplace or home. Do keep in mind that this comes with is merits and drawbacks. For instance, it would be discomforting to routinely bump into your therapist at the mall or the restaurant. Therapists are expected to uphold client confidentiality, but it still is necessary to review what to do in the event that such situations arise. It should be something that you are comfortable with.

5. Choosing the type of therapy
Psychotherapy and counseling involve different theoretical approaches with some being proactive than others. The main thing to consider is how comfortable and safe you feel with the therapist because this can have a therapeutic effect. Therapists use this to establish trust and build relationships with the clients, and it can have a significant impact than the theoretical approach. It is okay to have an idea of the type of therapy you would like, but this should not keep you from exploring other options and possibilities. Your preconceived notion of what to expect may be an inhibitor to your growth.

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