Sunday, May 13, 2018

10 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

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Whether you have a great sex life or not, you can always improve on it. Sometimes, people who face challenges with sex dissatisfaction tend to use herbs, like horn goat weed, which you can get at The herb has proven medicinal use and health benefits.

Keeping mutual satisfaction and excitement in the bedroom takes work and does not happen just because you love your partner. While love and the desire to satisfy are important things, you can do a few improvements, some when you are in bed and others before.

Below are 10 ways you can make your sex life more interesting without involving any medicine.

1. Like Yourself Naked
Most people, especially women, are insecure about how their body looks like, concentrating on the problem areas instead of appreciating and viewing their body as sexy or attractive. Take time to look at yourself while at the gym, work or the mall and appreciate that the body comes in all sizes and shapes. Having good feelings about your body helps you feel more comfortable about your sexuality.

2. Speak Up in the Bedroom
People who speak up to their partners about what they want in bed become more sexually satisfied. If you are afraid to express your desires, start with a nonverbal cue to signal your partner.

3. Make Time for Sex in the Morning
Morning sex is not only better for your overall mood and health but also help men to last longer and finish stronger. This is because testosterone levels peak overnight, so in the morning, majorities of men are ready to go.

4. Exercise to Decrease the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction
Workouts provide more than just aesthetic benefits for men. They help them experience fewer problems and last longer in the bedroom. Sedentary men are likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

5. Try New Positions
Be adventurous and try new sex positions. When you need more ideas, check out the different books on sexual positions and try out a few. Talk about how you both felt of your new position, and if you two found it to be enjoyable, add it to your repertoire.

6. Make the Mind-body Connection
When a woman is having a negative self-image, her body is disconnected from how she feels. To reestablish the bond, try doing something that makes you feel good, probably in your skin. Additionally, you can wear clothes that give your ego a boost, treat yourself to a massage, or go for fruits picking with your friends or children.

7. Swear Off Sex
Learn to enjoy the sensuality of sex instead of concentrating on the end game. Tease yourself and your partner. Get undressed, dim the lights and start exploring each other’s bodies. Also, communicate sensually with your partner while you are doing the touching. This will help you reconnect with your partner on a completely new level.

8. Add a Few Thrills
After staying together for a long time, it is easy to get lazy in bed. New and adventurous activities may stimulate your brain to produce dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in your sexual desire.

9. Change Your Routine
Recharge your sexual desire by doing things that could help you break free from stress in your everyday life. When you are relaxed, sex will seem to be more enjoyable.

10. Turn Chores into Foreplay
Women spend more time on household chores than men do, becoming tired and out of the mood. When men pitch in their house, their wives become more satisfied with the relationship and will tend to want more sex.

Making love can be a complicated and an awkward matter, depending on the level of chemistry between the couple. Sex is among the greatest gifts in life, but it is hard to find one that is mind blowing. Thus, you need to put extra efforts to make it enjoyable.

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