Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Top 7 Pieces of Advice for Long Term Relationships

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If you want to sustain a long-term relationship, the rules can be both very different and very much alike those applying to casual dating. It’s a different ball game, however, and it isn’t the fairy tale many people play it out to be. If you want your relationship to last always, follow these seven vital pieces of advice.
1: Think Before Speaking

This is especially important in the middle of a fight, but can be applied to every situation. Remember that once words have been spoken, they can’t be taken back… even if you didn’t mean them. Mean words can break holes in  your relationship’s foundation that are very difficult to repair.
2: Never Stop “Dating”
When you first met your spouse, you thought of them all the time. You bought gifts, had romantic suppers, planned sweet surprises, sent cute good night texts, and a million-other tiny, trivial things. One way to success in a long-term relationship is never stop doing this.  
3: Be Attentive
Simply put: pay attention to your partner. Listen to what they say, and not with only half an ear while playing on your phone. Don’t ignore them, because they will eventually be driven to someone who WILL listen to them.
4: It’s Called Working On It, Not “Settling”
For every smooth, easy part of your relationship, there will be two rough patches. Know that this is normal. You will have times where you can’t get enough of each other followed by periods where you can’t stand one another. Push through the bad times, because you will find them in every relationship you end up in… unless, of course, there is any type of abuse.
5: Talk Early About the Future
We’re not saying to plan your wedding after the first date, but within a few weeks of serious dating you should ensure your life goals align. Topics such as where you plan on living, children, careers, etc. should be discussed so that no substantial time is wasted on a relationship doomed to fail.
6: Know There Are Other Options for Your Partner
Opportunity costs are a huge deciding factor in relationships today. Everywhere somebody looks there are other options to you. When deciding to be in a relationship with you, they are also deciding to NOT be in a relationship with every other person in the world. Never make them regret that decision.
7: Put Them First
Putting your partner first means thinking about them, their wants, and their needs in every decision you make. While compromises will undoubtedly need to be made throughout the relationship, putting them first whenever possible will ensure smooth sailing most of the time. If they are also putting you first, everybody’s needs will end up being met.  
If you follow these seven pieces of advice, you can ensure you’ve done your part in making the relationship last an eternity. If, after taking this advice, your relationship doesn’t pan out, keep in mind that both parties must be completely committed to the relationship for it work.

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