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Five Ways to Use Technology to Make Sure You Have the Best Wedding Ever

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Planning a wedding means planning the event of a lifetime. Whether you’re planning on inviting just a few close friends and family members or your guest list will include hundreds of people, technology is a great way to plan the very best wedding. Here are a few ways you can use technology that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Turn to Apps During the Planning Process

Apps have the ability to make our lives easier. They can tell us what the weather is going to be like as we’re heading out the door, we can lock and unlock the doors at home while we’re at work, and we can check our email on the go. It should come as no surprise that apps can make planning a wedding easier too!

If you’re working with a wedding planner, BuildFire recommends asking if they have an app. As an app builder, they work with many wedding planners that want to create apps that make planning a wedding easier for their clients.

There are many other kinds of apps you can try too that include:

  • Wedding Spot allows you to search venues based on your price, number of guests, and more.
  • Zola is perfect for creating a wedding registry that includes items from many different stores.
  • Weddington Way includes a curated list of bridesmaid and groomsmen accessories that your wedding party will actually like.
  • Wedding Party is the perfect place to collect wedding photos from guests and share them with others.

Tone Down the Wedding Research

There’s no denying the fact that the internet has countless wedding planning tips and ideas. Whether you want a traditional wedding or an offbeat gathering, there’s no shortage of Pinterest pictures and wedding photos to research.

The trouble is, sites like Pinterest are like a black hole. They can suck you in and before you know it, you’re DIYing everything and your theme includes birds, Harry Potter, and Orchids.

Tone down the wedding research and expand your search beyond Pinterest. If you’re addicted to looking at wedding inspiration, limit the time you spend looking at various websites so you can enjoy being engaged without obsessing about every wedding detail.

Consider Electronic Invitations

This tip is still a bit of a touchy subject, especially if you’re inviting grandma and grandpa, but it’s worth considering. You can save money and be eco-friendly by choosing to send electronic invitations instead of paper invitations.

Another benefit of sending electronic invitations? You’re more likely to get RSVPs! It’s a lot easier to click a quick button in an email than it is to fill out the RSVP card and drop it in the mail.

Get the Guests Involved With Technology

Although many brides make the mistake of thinking their wedding day is all about them, the fact is, it’s about your guests too! You want to make sure they have a good time, and using tech throughout your wedding day can help you make sure that’s the case.

A few ideas include:

  1. Creating a picture slideshow to run before the ceremony or reception begins
  2. Creating QR code wedding favors that can connect guests to a wedding playlist or a collection of photos
  3. Handing out time-lapse cameras instead of disposable cameras to get snippets of video of your big day from different perspectives
  4. Gathering song requests with meal preferences so you can play your guests’ favorite songs at the reception
  5. Projecting a TweetWall throughout the reception that shows live updates of tweets that contain your custom hashtag

No Cell Phones During the Ceremony

There are many ways technology can enhance your big day, as this list of ideas has shown, but that doesn’t mean you want it to completely take over. After all, there’s nothing worse than your husband-to-be having to lean over a sea of cell phones to see his bride walk down the aisle.

It’s okay to ask guests to leave their phones in their pockets during the ceremony. If you don’t trust your friends and family to follow the rules, give a wedding party member the job of collecting cell phones before the ceremony begins. Just remember to return their devices so they can take plenty of pictures during the reception!

Weddings today are very different than they were a few decades ago. Why not embrace the chance and make technology part of your day? These ideas are sure to give your wedding day a special twist that you and your guests will never forget.

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