Monday, March 12, 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Chase A Career In Education

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You have always imagined settling into your career seamlessly; excited to get up every morning and head into work for a busy and challenging day. It took you a little while to pinpoint where you wanted to get to in your career, but scoring your dream job would most certainly involve working in a college or school. Many people ask you why you would want to go back to school. Most of us used to spend our time wishing away the day at school, so why would you want to chase a career in education? Next time somebody asks you why, you can tell them the following pointers:

1.Because You Care

Working in a school and teaching children requires a skill that not many people possess. You need to have the ability to truly care about the little ones lives you are enriching each day and be prepared to help them in more ways that you had ever imagined. Working in a school doesn’t always involve being a classroom teacher either, you could have studied a master’s degree in school counselling and be ready to commit to counselling students through some of the toughest times of their lives. All in all, you are showing that you really care for what you do by embarking in a career in a school.

2. Because You’re Passionate

You might have a passion for a particular subject or possess a certain skill set that you want to share with youngsters. Whether than it problem solving or sporting activities you want to work in a school because you are passionate about a particular cause.

3. Because You Want Stability

It is no secret that there will never be a shortage of jobs in local schools, no matter where your expertise lies. Once a school takes you on as an employee it is much like joining a family; you become a unit and work together for a sole cause, which is to nurture children and help them to become independent and knowledgeable members of society. You will earn a stable income, build strong relationships and feel a part of a unit. These are just a few of the many advantages of working in a school.

4. Because You Hated School

Those who disliked going to school when they were younger often choose careers which head in that direction in the end. This is because they want to create a much more positive experience for other children and guide them using their previous knowledge. If you hated school then you will be able to empathize with children who go through the same emotions as you did. Perhaps this is due to bullying or problems at home; whatever their problems are you will be well equipped to tackle them due to your first hand experience.

Working in a school opens up the opportunity to help youngsters chase their ambitions and dreams. Whether you want to counsel them through their problems or teach a specialist subject, you won’t regret pursuing a career in the education industry.

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