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Online Educational Activities for Kids Stuck in the House

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By Jenny Wise

Being stuck in the house because of heavy snow or frigid temperatures is tough for kids. And it’s also tough for you because you’re stuck in the house with them. For the first few days, they may be fine staying in the house reading books, playing video games, or watching TV. But after a while, cabin fever sets in. Then you start hearing the dreaded, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!” When you hear those words, don’t panic. There’s plenty of things to do if you have internet access.

And that doesn’t mean you’re going to have them playing online video games or watching ridiculous videos on YouTube. In fact, the internet is overflowing with educational activities that will keep your kids engaged even as the snow falls and the icy wind blows. Read on for some tips to keep the kids learning and having fun with activities online.

Online Exercise Videos for Kids

Your five-year-old is running around the living room and bouncing on the couch. And your two-year-old is climbing on top of the kitchen table. Obviously, they have some energy they need to burn. Save your furniture and prevent broken limbs by accessing online exercise videos on YouTube.

It’s important for children to exercise on a regular basis since physical activity prevents obesity, improves mood, and enhances cognitive abilities. Even though you’re indoors, try to squeeze physical activity into your children’s day. YouTube has tons of free videos that will get your kids moving, stretching, jumping, and shaking. Whether they love to dance, pretend to be wild animals, or fold themselves into yoga positions, there’s the perfect video for their interests on YouTube.

Online Art Tutorials

Kids who love art will be excited about learning how to draw things by watching an online drawing tutorial. Free video tutorials teach kids how to draw animals, monsters, magical creatures, cartoon characters, and anything else they can imagine. Online drawing tutors take kids step by step through the process so any fledgling artist can follow along. Is the artist drawing too fast? No problem! Just stop or rewind the video until your kids catch up. reports that art is crucial to children’s development because it fosters creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Kids learn to be creative and enjoy a boost in academic performance. Of course, it strengthens fine-motor and visual-spatial skills, too.

Online Music Lessons

It’s said that music soothes the savage beast. Well, your kids aren’t beasts, but sometimes it may seem that way when they’re suffering from a bit of cabin fever. So why not let them try some online music lessons? Learning to play music benefits kids in a variety of ways. They learn discipline and strengthen their motor skills. Playing a musical instrument also helps kids boost academic performance and improves their self esteem. You can access free instrument tutorials online through sites like YouTube. You can even sign up your kids with an online music school so they can learn one-on-one from a tutor who teaches them through video chat.

Little Mad Scientists

Through sites like Earth Science Jr., your kids can release their inner mad scientist by performing cool experiments like making their own elephant toothpaste. Using basic ingredients found around the house, kids can use their problem-solving skills to do engaging, science-based activities that will get them excited about learning. Whether they want to learn about magnets, the solar system, the inner workings of a frog, or anything in between, they can find activities online that are perfect for kids who love to learn about the world around them.

Kids Who Love Animals

School may be canceled because of a snow day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your children at home. For example, if your kids love dogs, it’s easy to find dog-themed lesson plans online. While many may be geared toward a classroom setting, you can adapt them to fit an informal lesson with your kids. Kids can learn about different dog breeds, responsible pet care, rescue dogs, or any other interesting topics related to man’s best friend.

As you can see, the internet can provide kids with lots of fun activities to keep them busy when they’re stuck in the house. Most of the activities are free, and many are educational, too. If you don’t want your children sitting on the couch eating chips as they play video games all day long, the internet can help you keep their brains and bodies active. Winter boredom busters are just a mouse click away.

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