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10 Resume Tips to Impress Your Potential Employer

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An outstanding CV is a key to getting a job offer for your dream position. That is why it is very important to create the one that will catch the attention of the recruiter from the first line. However, many people today underestimate the power of a well-structured and informative resume and use the online base of already pre-written templates that are useless in most cases. Today we will try to figure out ten tips on how to impress with a resume your employer and how to write a CV that will guarantee you a job at the company you are dreaming of.

1. Formulate the desired job clearly

The correct naming of the position you wish to get is a must for any CV. The success of a resume is tightly connected with its formulating. BTW, the CVs without mentioning the position, which is applied for is sometimes neglected by recruiters. You should avoid using “any position” or “specialist” and indicate clearly what position you are applying for. Besides, it is forbidden to indicate several job offers in one CV even if your skills match both of them. In this case you have to create the separate resume for each job offer, where you should enumerate your professional skills that match the best certain job. Definitely, it will take much time, but the outcome will also be much positive.

2. Create your motto according to the employer’s needs

If you really wish to impress your employer with your resume, no matter where you are applying for: a position where you will help writing a lab report or a manager who has lots of subordinates, you can add zest by creating a catching personal motto. A winning motto should contain all the values of the company you apply your CV for.

3. Consider your salary in advance

It is necessary to indicate the exact salary you wish to get. Here our advice is to avoid writing strange numbers, like, for instance 499$. This will only have a negative impact on the recruiter, but not impressed him at all.

4. Be brief and avoid humor

A golden rule for any CV writing is to be laconic. It is not a novel full of your thoughts and beliefs. An ideal resume consists of one page, which contains only the necessary info. However, do not omit any important data. You should also avoid joking as CV is a formal document that is aimed at giving you a job opportunity.

5. Do not add too much personal info

For a security reason, do not add too much personal info into a CV. At this stage, your future employer does not need your passport data, place of registration etc.

6. Consider adding links to your social media

It is not always a good idea to share with a recruiter links to your social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. Sometimes they are too personal and contain private information that your employer does not need to know. However, you should add LinkedIn as this is a social network that was created for working purpose and can describe you as a professional. But, of course, you should pay careful attention to filling in your profile in advance.

7. Always proofread twice before submit

Your resume has to be free of any typos and grammatical errors as they only influence your employer negatively. Thus you should always check your document twice before sending your resume to employer. Ideally, you should ask someone to read your CV to get an objective opinion on its content or read aloud to find mistakes you can have missed.

8. Check your information for veracity

When creating your resume, you should always be honest. You can be checked for the veracity of your skills very easily, thus you must always be ready to be tested.

9. Insert a fresh and appropriate photo

Sometimes photos are not necessary, but if you have decided to include a photo, then you should keep in mind the fact that your photo should satisfy certain requirements. Firstly, you should be alone in the photo. And, what is more, it has to show your face clearly. Besides, you can’t add photos from a vacation or café as it is inappropriate.

10. Cover letter is a key to your success 

Some people do not pay much attention to a cover letter that goes with your CV. However, this is a very important part of applying for a job as there you express why you wish to get this job and why are you useful for this very company. If you do not know what exactly to include in the cover letter, you can find an ideal sample online and create an outstanding letter that will amaze your recruiter.

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