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Number of Roses and Their Romantic Implication: Debunked

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Rose is the most romantic flower that is generally showered on girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, or lovers on a variety of occasions. But it is the Valentine’s Week, which sees a sky-rocketing sale of roses, red roses to be specific. This Valentine’s Week kicks off with the Rose Day and nothing apart from roses can be gifted on this day. But do you know the hidden meaning of the number of roses that is present in a bunch, bouquet, or arrangement? Read more about the hidden meaning of these beautiful red roses and the numbers in the following paragraph.

1 Rose: If someone is presenting you only a single stalk of red rose, he/she means that you are his/her love at first sight. In case you are receiving 1 red rose after many years of being in a relationship, it means – “you are still the one and only unique one whom I love dearly”. If you feel like this for someone, go ahead with a single red rose and express your love.

3 Roses: Simplistically, three red roses mean “I Love You”. You can go ahead with this simple, cute, and romantic expression of love. Apart from the Valentine’s Day, you can get three red roses for anniversary also. If you are expressing your love for the first time to that person, you can take.

6 Roses: When you are receiving six red roses or 6 roses of various colors, it means the other one is simply smitten by you. With these 6 roses, he/she is saying “I want to be yours”. Valentine’s Day or Rose Day would be the perfect timing to let a special someone know about this exact feeling.

10 Roses: 10 is a number that represents perfection. So, picking up a bunch or bouquet of 10 red roses or mixed color roses would mean that the other one is just perfect for you. The word perfect is a flawed one as there is nothing called perfect. But those imperfections make everyone unique. So, show your sweetheart that he/she is perfect for completing you.

12 Roses: A dozen of roses is a special one and says that “be mine” to your special person. On this Rose Day, pick up a bouquet of scintillating roses and propose to your honey in a unique way. Sometimes, reassuring your girlfriend or boyfriend about your love is a thoughtful gift.

20 Roses: If you have received a bouquet or arrangement of 20 roses, it means that the giver wants to say, “Believe me, I am sincere and careful towards you”. Now, sincerity and care are those things that require more than roses. Being kind, considerate, and compassionate towards the person you love are required more in a relationship. Once you gain that person’s faith and confidence, reassuring your care and sincerity with roses would be a perfect gift.

40 Roses: If you have been together for a very long time, this bouquet of roses for rose day would be really appreciated. It means that your love is genuine for that person.

Now, when you know these hidden meanings of the number of roses in a bouquet or arrangement, go ahead with your current state of emotion for that person and surprise him/her.

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