Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Best 5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Explore the Outdoors

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Living in such a technology-based world, it has been a daunting job for parents to take their kids outdoors. Kids nowadays are more interested in playing computer and smartphone base games and watching videos other than exploring the outdoors and befriend with the same age.

Anyway, if you are one of those parents struggling hard to encourage your child to explore the outdoors, you can try the following hacks that most of the conscious parents found helpful for their kids. Let's get started without delay!

1. Make an Environment Free from Technology:

It has been really tough to keep the children away from electronic devices these days. Our kids get to stick to the various gadgets and remain busy with playing games or watching videos. These devices are somewhat harmful to their eyes and brain, but kids do never understand it no matter how much we make them aware of the fact.

Parents often want to live in peace, so we stop forbidding after a certain period. However, you can create a tech-free environment by banning all the gadgets for once a week. You can buy a playhouse for your kids to pay outside. Your children may not appreciate it at first, but I am sure that they will learn to understand gradually. Why not give it a try before you give up?

2. Play Outdoor Games with Your Kids:

When you play outdoor games with your children, they get to learn many new things from you, and it becomes easier for them to explore the world. Take your child outside whenever you get time and take part in various games like hide ‘n sick, hiking, camping or jumping with them.

These activities will help you spend more and more time with your little one, and thus you can come to know about your child’s likings in person as well.

3. Let Your Kids Play with Neighboring Kids:

When I was a kid, I used to play all the day with my neighboring kids. We used to play all together and I had learned the most important things of my life during this time. However, today’s kids are not of this type. They prefer watching TV or playing video games on their laptops.

Still, if you really want your children to explore outdoor, you need to introduce your children to the neighborhood ones. If they play together, they surely will learn caring, sharing and will exchange their culture, perceptions with each other.

This will help them to explore the world more vehemently. Once they find it interesting, you will find it difficult to separate the kids.

4. Invite Nature into Your Yard:

Today’s busy life has snatched the leisure time away. Sometimes it is quite difficult for people to go outside and spend some alone time with nature, but you can invite nature into your backyard. Make a garden of your own.

Take the kids with you and teach them how to do weeding, water the land and plant them. They will see how vegetables grow, how flower blooms and so on in nature. They will grow up watching the plants grow up and thus they will explore the world and will come in touch with nature for sure.

5. Read Outside with Your Kids:

Reading outside stimulates our imagination. You can turn your children’s’ boring reading session interesting by taking them into your backyard. Teach them with the help of real objects from nature, and they will learn it with great amusement.

This will surely help them to memorize things quickly and more efficiently. After they had finished reading their school books, you can read out some nature adventure books so that they can relate things to their school books and thus explore the world out of the concrete walls.

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