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How To Dodge First Date Dilemmas

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The thought of it gives you heart palpitations, cold sweats and clammy hands. You can’t imagine pulling yourself together enough to make it there in one presentable piece. You’ve been hoping he’d ask you out for the past three weeks now and the moment is slowly encroaching. Should you cancel? You’ve got a dodgy feeling in your tummy. You’re probably really sick and contagious and need to stay at home in bed. No, stop being over-dramatic and pull yourself together. Take a few deep breaths and get your head in the game. You are a strong, confident goddess who deserves to be treated to the best night of her life. A few simple to follow steps will give you the air of self-assurance you deserve to make this date great.

Keep it Calm

Now you’ve got over your mini-meltdown it’s time to take a moment and relax. Do whatever makes you feel most at ease, maybe go for a run or draw yourself a lovely bubbly bath. Take an hour to unwind in your own way. Light a few scented candles and breathe in some calming aromas. Lavender and lily of the valley are excellent calming scents that will have you skipping to your date with rigorously refreshed and calm aura.

It’s time to overlook all of your hang-ups and insecurities and adopt an air of confidence. You’re feeling much more at ease now, so it’s back to reality for a little while. Try to forget everything you’ve seen in the movies and read in your favourite chick-lit book. This is real life after all and it’s highly unlikely that Hugh Grant or Brad Pitt is going to surprise you with flowers and organise a flash mob in your honour. Lower your expectations and don’t expect too much. Being pessimistic is no good either, just go into the date with a level headed frame of mind and you’ll exude elegance and poise.

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Leave Out The Outrageous Outfits

Have a careful think about your choice of outfits and make sure your style matches the date location. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant you might need to up your game when it comes to fashion decisions. When you’re dining out you need to ensure you’ve done your research. Search for the restaurant on Instagram and have a look what everybody is wearing, this is a top secret technique which will be sure to have you blending in.

You might be going on a fun adventure date to the park or the beach. If that’s your first date location then why not shop for sundresses online. There are so many cute and feminine styles that will be sure to flatter every figure. Keep it simple and don’t stray too far from your usual style. There is nothing worse than turning up to a date and already feeling uncomfortable. Don’t leave getting ready until the last minute either. You want to leave yourself plenty of time to look your best. Try to schedule the date at a time you know you’ll have time a plenty to tend to your hair and make-up.

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Forget The Ex

It’s the number one rule on first dates. Do not, under any circumstances discuss your ex, his ex, your best friend’s ex or any ex for that matter! Steer clear of the ex-conversations. You want the date to be fun, flirty and not to serious. If you start reeling off all the times your ex-boyfriend stabbed you in the back you’re in for a dating disaster. Think of a couple of conversation starters that will help you to avoid steering into ex territory. Don’t plan out everything you want to talk about, you want to keep it light and spontaneous. The chances are, if you met him online you’ve had a little stalk right? You know exactly who his ex is. You know her eye colour, hair style and shoe size. Let’s keep these details to yourself though okay? Psycho behaviour is a no-go on a first date. Don’t scare him off, be the sweet and sensible lady he asked out (save the psycho for when you bagged him as your man!).

Goodbye Kiss, Give it a Miss?

There is no hard and fast rule to abide by when it comes to kissing on the first date. It’s so important to do what comes naturally. There is absolutely no pressure to kiss anybody at the end of a date. In fact, it’ll probably leave him intrigued and longing for a second date. On the other hand, if your date when amazingly well and he’s the most handsome man you’ve ever laid your eyes on, then just kiss him! Go with your gut on this one. He’ll respect you whatever you decide to do.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll glide your way to first date glory. Good luck!

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