Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Online Dating: How to Find Your Absolute Pair

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Creating an online dating profile can be nerve wracking. It’s almost as difficult as actually going out into the world and meeting someone in person.  Here are a few tips on how to create a profile that highlights your best attributes.

  1. Choose the Right Profile Picture
This is the first thing people are going to notice about you. Others will pick you based on this picture. You want other’s snap judgments to be in your favor. Choose a quality picture that shows how fun and engaging you are. Be sure you’re smiling and appear friendly. Action shots are always a good idea.
  1. Be Positive and Honest
Don’t list out things you hate. Instead, list everything you love. People respond better to those with an upbeat attitude and positive energy. But don’t say you love cats if you don’t. You don’t want to meet someone who is going to challenge that claim. What if you were deathly afraid of cats but just wanted to appear animal friendly? Then the person you were talking to actually has two cats? You’ll be miserable and will have wasted your time and the other person’s.
  1. Be Specific
If you love Italian food, say your favorite dishes. Love to travel? Where do you go? Where would your dream destination be? The more specific you are, the more real you become to others. This is a chance for people to get to know you before actually talking to you. Think of it as a mini biography. Everyone likes watching Netflix. But what shows do you like? These details can be helpful in determining whether or not you’ll really jive with someone else.
  1. List Social Activities
If you only say you enjoy reading and perusing social media, the other person is going to think they’ll never get to spend time with you. List some of your other favorite activities. Don’t omit your alone time hobbies, but there needs to be examples of what you like to do with other people. This will lead to date ideas and ensure that you’ll actually have a good time with the planned events.
  1. Know What You Want
Are you looking for something long term? A casual romance? A hookup? You need to figure that out and be forthcoming in your profile. This goes right along with the honesty thing. If you want to find a spouse, don’t put up a profile on an adult dating website. Conversely, if you only want to hookup, don’t pay for a premium dating website that looks to find perfect matches. Don’t waste your time or the other person’s. Be respectful but forthright with your intentions.
  1. Have Fun With It
This is the time to really make your personality shine through. In the first few sentences of your profile, you need to get across who you really are. Be funny, quirky, witty, anything that will let people know exactly who they are looking at.

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