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Top Causes Of Adult Acne No One’s Telling You About

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Acne is more than just a teen problem. In fact, a lot of people struggle with it even though they are already in their 30s and 40s. Frustrating, right?

Imagine: Just when you thought you can finally be acne-free, your skin still won’t stop breaking out. You apply acne creams and lotions in an attempt to control the situation but your zits just won’t surrender. And you know why?

It’s because you’re not really nipping the problem in the bud.

You see, acne isn’t just caused by one thing. There are tons of acne trigger in what you eat, do and wear everyday that’s making your skin worse.

Let’s start off with your diet.

Dairy and high glycemic foods can cause acne by sending your oil glands into overdrive. When your skin produces too much oil, your pores can easily get clogged.

The products you apply to your skin can potentially cause acne, too.

Take, for example, your moisturizer.

If it doesn’t have the right formula or it contains the wrong ingredients, you can easily do more harm than good to your skin. The same thing applies to serums.

Although serums offer tons of benefits, if they aren’t compatible with your skin type, they won’t do anything to end your skin breakouts.

So, what should you do?

Do a proper research. You can, for example, search and read the best vitamin C serum for face reviews first so you can get a clearer idea if it will for you or not.

Apart from skincare products, you should also pay attention to your stress level if you want to get rid of acne once and for all.

Believe it or not, stress can affect your oil glands as well as your hormones.

Now, for a complete list of the sneakiest causes of acne, here’s a really handy infographic you can check out.

You can check it out here:
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