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Top 5 Tips to Write a Perfect Marriage Vow

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Just like planning your wedding ceremony, writing a marriage vow can also be challenging and might seem impossible when it's your first time. But the fact is whether it is your first time or not, you can draft that perfect marriage vow that will remain in your spouse’s memory forever. Here are tricks and tips to help you scale through.

  1. Draw inspiration from previous vows

You can get some inspiration from previously written vows. Read traditional vows from your religion if you belong to any. The old posts you are reading might inspire you to create something great. You can come across a line or point that you can add to what you are writing. Choose words that are unique and captivating. It should relate to you and your spouse or somehow about your relationship. You can also get clues by paying attention to the writing style to make your own vow paper writing easier.

  1. Decide on tone and format with your partner

Your marriage vows can take different forms. It can be poetic, romantic or humorous. Work with your partner to decide the pattern you want. Do you want your marriage vows written together or separately? Decide with your fiancé whether you want the vows to be the same as the promises you both made in the traditional vows or you want them completely different. There are couples that add a little of the different patterns just to spice things up. Then lastly, decide if you both want to maintain your vows as a secret and share them on your wedding day or otherwise.

  1. Write down important things about your relationship

Now is time to reflect on some important moments about your fiancé and relationship. Remember the feelings you had the first time you both met and the specific reason you fell in love. Write everything down to stimulate your creativity. Below are some questions that will help you access more information if you are writing it yourself.

  • What’s your reason for getting married?
  • What inspires you about your partner?
  • What went through your mind the first time you both met?
  • At what point did you discover the love was real?
  • What are the hard times the relationship has been through?
  • What are the qualities both of you admire in each other?

  1. Include promises in your vows

Include as many promises as you can remember when drafting your vows. Use promises that are broad and specific. Your broad promises might be ‘I will support you always,' and specific promises that relate to both of you like‘I promise to tell you how much I love you before going to sleep.’

  1. Avoid Clichés

After creating your first draft the next step is to edit it. You can add some good lines pulled from relationship books, poetry, romantic movies or religious texts but don’t make words you got from other sources overpower yours. Your relationship vows should sound original and personal. Even if you got texts from other sources, ensure that words from you are more. Also, try to avoid clichés in your marriage vows.


Writing marriage vow is challenging but very beautiful if you know how to go about it. There are a lot of things you need to consider to make your vow unique, catchy and impressive. If you are planning to write yours, the tips in this post will guide. You can also get professionals who provide write a paper for me help to draft a perfect marriage vow for you.

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