Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Planning The Perfect Proposal? Look To The Celebs

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Proposals are some of the biggest events in our lives, and planning one can be extremely stressful: have you got the right location? Do you know what you’re saying? Is it the right time to pull this move? And most importantly, will the other person say yes? Well, when it comes to putting the first few worries to bed, there’s a few inspirational moves we can make. Check some of those trashy magazines we love so much, and then put your plan into motion; you know what your partner will love! Here’s some ideas to get you started on having the wedding of a lifetime.

Finding the Right Ring

An engagement ring always means something, no matter how much or little time we spend on it. On many occasions people have a ring from their mother or grandmother or favourite aunt to pass onto their own beloved when the time comes to propose, and thus a whole family lineage can be passed onto the ring finger.

Rings don’t have to come from a family source, and you don’t have to fork out massively either! Recreate that same feeling by wearing something from 77 Diamonds. Celebs love to crow about the diamond they have on their fingers; so can you!

Try a Beach Holiday

Heading down south is a popular choice for a lot of celebrities, and thus a lot of them like to take a holiday during the ‘engagement’ season, which falls around the end or beginning of the year. It’s a lot warmer on the other side of the equator during what we usually think of as winter, so have a different festive season with a sprinkling of extra love and comfort. Find yourself a good deal and break the mold.

Spring weddings are always a beautiful do, and having a December engagement leaves a lot of time for late spring or summer to make its way to you for the perfect date.

Picking the Right Time

It seems people planning their first proposals wait for an average of 3 years before popping the question, whether that be because they’re just letting a relationship run its course or are nervous about asking. Either way, a lot of planning goes into it.

You don’t know how to go about it, you have no practice; the only thing you have is an idea and a lot of love for the other person. Think about them, and what would make them feel happy in the moment, and follow accordingly. If they like a certain celeb, you can recreate a certain moment they’ve shared on social media in your own lives. It’s easy to do, as the plan is laid before you, and it’s a great buildup when your partner starts to notice!

Proposals can be fun to plan and even better to follow through on when we look to the stars, literally! We have a better idea of what to do and what not to do, so steal ideas here and there.

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