Monday, November 20, 2017

In Defence Of Cohabitation: Why Traditional Attitudes Don't Work For Modern Couples

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Not so long ago, cohabitation was a cause for much argument. Some mothers would even disown their daughters because of it. Heck, the Bible itself branded cohabitation as immoral sin. But, times have changed. Now, it isn’t unusual for couples to live together before even talking about marriage. While just over 50% of cohabiting couples do marry, some don’t even consider it. Cohabitation is enough for many, especially given the high rates of divorce in the modern age.

For some of us, though, it can be difficult to know whether we should jump the cohabitation hurdle. It may be that your family disapproves. Or, perhaps your religious beliefs keep coming back to haunt you. Whatever the reason for your doubts, it can be challenging to get past ingrained views.

But, to ensure the future of your relationships, it may be time to. There’s no getting around the fact that pre-marriage cohabitation is now the norm. And, with long distance relationships becoming prevalent in the digital age, it’s easy to see why. If your partner lives in another city, or even country, you can hardly marry straight off the bat. You just won’t know each other enough.

And, here are some other reasons why cohabiting may be the best path to your married future.

Developing intimacy

When you live with someone, you develop an intimacy which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. You come to know their habits and the way they approach life. You develop an understanding of what they like to eat, and when they like to eat it. You’ll even come to know how long they take in the shower. With these things comes connection. It should go without saying that connection is essential for happy relationships.


A couple that tackles issues together stays together. And, teamwork doesn’t get much better than living together. This is the case from the off when you’ll need to approach estate agents. In the leadup to moving day, you’ll need to work together to pack up. You’ll even need to swap notes when contacting someone like the moving company MyBekins to help you transport everything. And, after the day itself, living together is one big exercise in teamwork. Together, you’ll pay the bills, clean the place, and so on.

An understanding of the less attractive traits

Of course, it’s not all about the romance. When living with someone, you see their worst side, too. You’ll come to know about their bad habits, how they are when they don’t get enough sleep, and how their breath smells in the morning. You’ll also get an idea of how well you can live together. It may be that you’re the perfect match, with the same cleanliness levels, and general routines. Or, perhaps not. That may not be an issue for you because we do all come in different shapes and sizes. Or, the lack of general hygiene could be too much for you. Better you find out now than after you’ve made a legal commitment, surely?

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