Tuesday, November 21, 2017

For better or Worse - Are Men Better Off Married?

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Marriage is often joked about as being an expensive agreement. The “ball and chain”, the “old man”, the “nagging wife”…is it any wonder that many people are concerned that there aren’t any advantages to being legally tied together. Well, it so happens, that there are, and there have been lots of studies showing these benefits.

If you’ve ever wondered whether it would be best for you to stay single or enter wedded bliss, read on. This infographic delves into some of the results of recent research, showing just what the improvements in your life might be. It turns out that there are many psychological, physiological, social and emotional benefits, as well as support to your earnings and income. Definitely worth a closer look!

Author Bio:
Danielle Mowbray writes on behalf of Credit Angel.
Credit Angel’s mission is to provide UK consumers with the tools to understand their credit rating and to empower them to make the right credit decisions. Credit Angel offers great services and provides information in an understandable and usable format, empowering customers to proactively manage their credit like experts.

For Better or Worse Infographic

For Better or Worse by Credit Angel.

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