Monday, November 27, 2017

6 Top Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

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Good Health is one of most essential element for living great life without any problems for long, but drenched in our work so much with our mind heading in all direction to seek out some creative ideas for getting best work done in less time ,we forget about getting proper diet, going to gym etc. to keep our body fit and fine ,that’s the one of the main reason which provoked me to come up with some of the key components of one’s life which you can inculcate in your life without doing much effort to make your lifestyle better and body healthy .
So come on folks, check out some of the simple yet effective tips for a healthy lifestyle which you can follow to make your life happy and body healthy forever.
1. Prefer healthy food over junk food
Eating healthy food which includes fruits ,vegetable and dairy products etc. will boast your body strength and metabolism thus making your immune system strong and keeping your body in right shape without making you obese ,but eating lots of junk food like pizza ,burger ,breads etc. will make you obese in no time which will entail lots of unwanted problems for you like diabetes ,body pains ,bad moods etc. and its just the tip of ice berg about what you would have to face as a consequence of eating junk in excess.
Eating occasionally in parties, get together or with friends some time is fine but eating junk food regularly will make you regret later ,so its advised to stay away from it and rather take solace in healthy food cooked in best electric griddles to keep your peace of mind alive for life with bliss all around along with healthy food.  
2. Stay well hydrated
We all know that 70% of human body is made up of water, which makes it essential for us to stay hydrated with adequate amount of water to stay alive .besides that water is need for all major body function like digestion, flushing out toxins from our body, keeping our skin healthy etc.
To fulfil the thirst some people reside on aerated drinks and sports drinks which I generally avoid because they contain large amount of sugar and fats which are not good for your body when consumed in excess, rather you can drink fruit infused water which can be made in infuser bottles available in market or go for natural homemade juice to keep your body hydrated and healthy.
3. Avoid anger and laugh often
It is said that anger comes with bitter experience to sore the life, so its advices to keep calm when any unwanted situation arise and don’t take any furious action in the fit of rage for which you have to regret later rather take a deep breath and let you mind calm down, then search for a solution to get rid of the situation.
Since the time immemorial various studies have found that laughter is the best medicine for all problem, and it is said for a reason because it helps in elevating your mood by boasting your good hormones which keeps worries away and your mind strong all the time .Take my advice and laugh at least 100 times a day for 1 week and you will see a positive change in your overall wellbeing as your health and mood will be in best shape all the time.
4. Follow a workout regime
Keeping your body fit and fine is good for your health .To enhance your inner strength and stay active for long time you need to stay a workout routine on daily basis in your home or gym to exercise on machine like spin bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, bike trainer etc. which helps to keep your body in shape and healthy for long time.
Working out in gym daily will also help you to build muscle and solid body in long run to stay healthy in old age and keep working for long with full productivity.
5. Practice yoga
Practicing yoga regularly keep the mind peace alive and body healthy for lifetime without any drawbacks .doing yoga helps you to rejuvenate without doing any kind of extra efforts .
So get yourself endorsed in a yoga class as soon as possible in your locality or if you don’t want to go out somewhere to attend yoga class due to any reason ,then you can take a look at some of the YouTube videos to practice yoga regularly in your home and keep your body healthy .
Also keep in mind that while getting started with yoga practice you need to have a good yoga mat to get good experience without any problem .that’s why I advise you to buy a nice quality yoga mat according to your requirement and budget after reading all the reviews to make your yoga session countable for lifetime .
6. Take Proper sleep
Years of research and studies on sleep have found that if you don’t take adequate sleep of At least 7 hours each day then you may be subjected to depression, irritation, bad mood and bad health in long run.
Sleep is required to keep your internal working of body smooth and give rest to your body along with brain, so don’t skip sleep for too long or you may not able to do your work with same creativity and activeness as you were doing earlier .also your mind will stop working after some time due to lack of sleep and you may get engulfed with lot of disease like insomnia, depression, headache, memory loss etc.
Following and implementing all the above given tips in your life will make a dream life for you which would be served as a epitome in front of next coming generations to help them adapt to the healthy life practices to save them from all kind of diseases and problems which may arise due to their ignorant attitude towards life which may take them to wrong direction and bad lifestyle.

So all the people who read this must follow a healthy life regime for living life with bliss all around in years to come.

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